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[Fresh] Matt & Kim – Cameras

Yes! A new song from Matt and Kim! Off their new album Sidewalks being released November 12nd comes a delightful warm piece of funky melodies and playful vocals. This new single “Camara” from dance punk duo based out off Brooklyn, New York was released a couple of hours ago and I already can’t stop playing it.

Cameras by mattandkim

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[Hip/Hop] AudioDax – Thoughts (Crystal Castles Remix)

Thoughts by Crystal Castles is essentially a rejigging of Empathy (a Crystal Castles song) by Audiodax, a relatively small production duo.

The bad news is the sample is essentially four lifted bars from Empathy slowed down with very little added. The good news is the rap on top of the beat doesn’t hold anything back. It takes a track meant for hipsters (sorry New York Times, I’ve got to use that word), gives it some weight and reinvents it as a hip hop track.

Sampling a relatively well-known band is a great way to get attention and I look forward to hearing some more original Audiodax, where they can shine on their own.

AudioDax – Thoughts (Crystal Castles Remix)

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[Remix] The XX – Stars (LAZRtag Remix)

I have a priority list on my inbox. I have labeled certain email address from producers and dj’s so I can know right away when they have new remixes out and chosen to send a link our way. The guys from LAZRtag are in my priority list for the simple reason that they have been consistent throughout everything they have released. This California duo recently released a new remix from Stars off The Xx‘s self-titled debut album. The new remixes is heavily rooted with the xx’s minimalism yet still more appealing to the dance scene. Enjoy!

The XX – Stars (LAZRtag Remix)

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[New] Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Janglin (RAC Mix)

A blissful mix of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros‘ Janglin by RAC. Alex Ebert vocals paired with RAC’s signature blend of soft electronic melodies give this song an entirely new meaning. The band’s album, Up From Below, is available right now on Amazon for only $2.99 through the weekend! So if you have not gotten a copy and you trust The Music Ninja taste in amazing music, please do so now!

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Janglin (RAC Mix)

’Janglin (RAC Mix).mp3′

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[Interview] Wolfgang Gartner

California born electro / tech house producer Wolfgang Gartner (real name Joey Youngman), now based in Austin Texas, has not only been all over America touring coast-to-coast but his name remains prominent throught the beatport charts and the music blogosphere, and for a good damn reason. As Amonly describes it his profile, “Gartner is meticulous in his approach to crafting new tracks in the studio, contemplating how they’ll sound in different venues and new ways to pitch curveballs at the dance music cognoscenti-without using gratuitous gimmicks. Whereas many producers start with a rhythm track, Gartner is more likely to begin with a melody and a concept, and experiment… and experiment and experiment… until the pieces begin to click”. Make sure you catch him among an epic line up at the Electronic Zoo Festival In NYC.

I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix Dub) – Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System


Wolfgang Gartner – Undertaker

’Wolfgang Gartner – Undertaker.mp3′

Wolfgang Gartner – Conscindo (Original Club Mix).mp3

’Conscindo (Original Club Mix).mp3′

We sent our Electronic Ninja (Taylor Doms from to speak to Wolfgang Gartner and she “was able to pull him away from the celebratory momentum he’s been riding and talk with him about all the epic events he’s been playing lately and upcoming shows that he’s looking forward to, his recent collaboration with Deadmau5, and ask him to us about his true feelings in regards to the ongoing ninjas vs. unicorns debate, among many other things he graciously shared with us as well.”

So according to your Facebook, it seems you had a PRETTY good time on your International tour! ready to start back again in the States, but tell me, which country or city in general was the most memorable for you while you were out on tour?

Gartner: I mean all of the gigs were really good, that’s why it was such a good one and it’s kind of hard to pick a favorite but I would have to say the Beat Patrol Festival in Austria was kinda the best energy out of all of them. Caught me off guard.

And we heard Avalon was absolutely insane, how was that!?

Gartner: That was crazy at the Avalon. I guess it was the most people they ever had in there or close to the most people they’ve had in there, but yeah it was completely packed and that’s a big venue too. Really one of the best shows in my life, for sure. California’s a good place for me right now.

In the electro house genre how do you distinguish as a producer?

Gartner: I don’t completely know how to best answer the question. I just try to do stuff that other people aren’t doing. If I go through the top 100 electro house chart on Beatport, it all kind of has a sound to it, there are a few different styles, but basically everybody’s spinning in within these cubes that sound kind of generic and I really have trouble finding good music on there. I’ll go through the entire ‘Top 100’ and not find anything that really makes me go ‘wow’ you know? So I try to do something that’s beyond what people are doing or so different from what other people are doing that basically doesn’t sound like anything else on there.

Well, let me put it this way: If your music were an animal, what kind of animal would be?!

Gartner: I’m going to have even more trouble answering that one.??Haha We’ll go back to that one towards the end…

Gartner: OK.. Continue reading

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[Remix] Kanye West – Power (Ft. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz)

Finally decided to post this awesome remix of Kanye West’s Power. While The Music Ninja and Kanye do not always see eye to eye, once you sprinkle a bit of Swizz Beats into the mix, its hard not to post it. Enjoy

Kanye West – Power [Remix] (Ft. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz)

’Kanye West – Power (Ft. Jay
Z & Swizz Beatz)’
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[Bassnectar Interview] An in-depth Talk With Electronic Nomad Lorin Ashton

Bassnectar aka Lorin Ashton is simply a genius nomad of electronic music, always combining different genres and producing a wide clusterfuck of enraging beats that are not only heavy in nature, but rooted with such emotion that its practically impossible to see him live and not let your the music take control of your body. He will be performing at the Electronic Zoo Festival next week (September 5th) and has been on an incredibly non-top tour across the US including coming to House of Blues in Orlando, Fl on the 18th of September. (See tour dates below).

Sleigh Bells – Run The Heart (Bassnectar Remix)

’sleigh bells – run the heart (bassnectar remix).mp3′

Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remix)

’Seek %26 Destroy (Bassnectar Remix)’

Bassnectar – Magical World Ft. Nelly Furtado


More importantly however, The Music Ninja along with Chris from got the chance to speak with Bassnectar about his upcoming EP, the state of electronic music and much more: (Read Below or click here to read the entire interview)

Hey, this is Blas from The Music Ninja and Chris from Dailybeatz. How you doin?

I’m doing terrific. Good to talk to you.

So first of all how was your weekend?

Wow, it was a blur. Where was I? I was in Chicago, and it was great! House of Blues, round 2, it was bonkers. I’m finishing up my EP….well, I’ve been finishing up my EP for like 8 months. This week is the deadline, and it seems like every week I just say that this Friday is the deadline.

Yeah, it’s got to be hard to continue producing when you’re touring so much.

Yeah man, that’s actually one of the challenges right now.

That must be insane. So, a lot has changed over the last 15 years in the world of electronic music since you started Bassnectar. What’s the one thing that’s surprised you the most over the last few years?

Uh, I mean, a lot of things surprise me. But I would have to say after the rave scene kind of disintegrated in North America, I was surprised that the festival scene opened up to such hardcore bass music and assimilated that style as a substitution for what they had previously been listening to, and that would kind of relate, in a sense, to how popular dubstep has become over here, but that’s a little bit too specific and that wasn’t too surprising because dubstep is rad, but what’s more interesting is how many people who would normally be at a Lollapalooza, you know, seeing a Lauryn Hill play, or something like that, now completely lose their face to hardcore bass music of all styles and, you know, that kind of combination of the second generation rave scene with the mainstream festival concert scene. I don’t know if it’s really mainstream, but it definitely isn’t the rave scene. Continue reading

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