Hailing from the Mile High City, 888 is back again with another massive, emotive, and encapsulating tune. And, as seen before, they’ve enlisted the help of fellow Denverites, Blurred Pictures, to help with the visual representation of “Pins & Needles.”

Living in Denver, I’ve had the pleasure of being fully aware of members Danny Stills and Danny Cooper as 888, since they emerged onto the scene with “Critical Mistakes” back in 2016, garnering overwhelming local support and some nationally. Though, this isn’t the first taste of success, having previously gained some serious buzz for their heavier work with Drop Dead, Gorgeous and Bleach Blonde.

Though the heavier stuff is behind them, nods to their emo routes are still noticeable with releases like “Critical Mistakes,” a handful of others, and now “Pins & Needles.” With such a unique and modernized sound, it shouldn’t be long before droves of others share the same adoration for this burgeoning, new(ish) act.

Today, we’re bringing you the first look at another extremely well-made music video, which was written, produced, and directed by Blurred Pictures. It’s heavy, dramatic, stars both Stills and Cooper, and is worth your attention for the next few minutes.

When you’re done, make sure to head over to Spotify and drop “Pins & Needles” into your favorite playlists.

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