With their second full length album, Isbells, have managed to escape the sophomore slump that we always hear about. You know, that weird limbo where bands don’t know whether to continue to be creative or to recreate their first record since its what got them popular? So they end up releasing some awkward in between where you pick and choose the songs you like but never really stream the whole thing. Well, yeah, like I said… Isbells have kind of bypassed that syndrome with their latest album, titled Stoalin’. Through every track they’ve managed to hold on to that special something that made them unique in the first place while furthering their horizons in subtle but noticeable ways.It’s most evident on “Baskin”, one of the first singles from the record.The guitars are fingerpicked, the beat is pulsing, and the harmonies are as sweet as ever- and kind of remind me of Joshua Radin. Stream “Baskin” below:

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