It is not very often that we are graced with such a phenomenal folk album as Alexander, much less one of such unabashed glory as Alexander Ebert’s first effort in the solo field. While you may be more familiar with his alter ego, Edward Sharpe, his unmistakable charm and candor is as present as ever. Featuring such songs as previously mentioned “Truth” and “Million Years,” the album is far more than just the sum of those two songs. Every song on the album is equal, if not better in quality than these previously released tracks.

Much like his alter-ego’s effort, Alexander pays an obvious tribute to the folk music of the 1960s and 70s. While nothing quite compares to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero’s “Home” in bombast, the music instead is nearly as timeless as the music it pays homage to. “Let’s Win!” starts the album off on the right foot, firmly planted in this amazing mixture of classic folk and pop, and—not to demean the track in any way—practically begs to be used in a film or a television show. Tracks like “Old Friend” and “In the Twilight” are reminiscent of traditional folk songs with their simplistic yet meaningful lyrics and arrangements. “Bad Bad Love” and “Awake My Body” are equally fantastic and unforgettable in their quality and folk/western charm, and so can be said for every track found on the album.

While the aforementioned “Truth” and “Million Years” both are album standouts, it is interesting to note that they matched from all sides by this magnificent album. Much like the playfulness and candor found in Edward Sharpe’s Up From Below, the entirety of Alexander is a relaxing affair. The music hearkens back to simpler—and happier—days, whether you had them or not.

Alexander – Truth


Alexander – Million Years
’Million Years’

Alexander is being released by Vagrant Records on March 1st.

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