Generally when sites or magazines write positive reviews on albums, they’ll (try) to come up with a nice, catchy title for the article. Even for good singles the same can be said; but in our opinion, GRiZ and his album title of Say It Loud, is all that needs to be said. Of course, that’s not really all that needs to be said, because we’re diving headfirst into a full song-by-song album review of the eleven part project.

On January 13th of this year, GRiZ announced All Good Records, his new full service label. That entity has already had some sweet releases, and now the mastermind has added his inaugural All Good album onto that list. It’s legendary, and it’s the culmination of not only the efforts of Grant, but also a lengthy list of comrades. You can pick up GRiZ’s album in a variety of formats here.

’GRiZ – The Anthem (ft. Mike Avery)’

The first of those comrades is Mike Avery, who starred in “The Anthem,” which was premiered by Billboard back in February. In starting off with GRiZ’s own vocal, “Let’s get loose; you guys feeling good?,” with the children’s ecstatic response, the whole album starts off with instant good vibes. As far as anthems go, this sets out to be “The Anthem” of all anthems. It arguably could be so, and it’s not even the my favorite track on the project. How do you get better than a 10? You’ll hear soon.

’GRiZ – Funk Party’

Everyone loves a nice “Funk Party” right? Right. Especially when it’s GRiZ somewhat surprisingly going off on some dirty glitch meets twerky moombah madness. For those who like it a little grimier, this gem should please your ears extensively. Don’t be misled by my verbiage though, because things still get pretty saxy on this single.

’GRiZ – Get Down (ft. Sunsquabi And Manic Focus)’

“Get Down” brings with it two collaborators, being Colorado’s Sunsquabi and the beat machine Manic Focus. With guitar and saxophone solos, “Get Down” has a whole lot going on in it. The ending phrase alone is genius. The journey up to it is both exciting and groovy beyond what is necessary, but surely we all can agree there can never be too much funk.

’GRiZ – Need This (ft. The Floozies)’

GRiZ enlists label family members The Floozies onto a track that some fans have been waiting over a year for. “Need This” has the sort of thuggish groove that makes pimp daddies like Andre Nickatina quiver at the knees. It’s dirty, but man is it also classy as hell. Around the last minute we get sonically blessed by a cleansing conclusion which is too tasteful to describe in words.

’GRiZ – It’s All Good (ft. Jessie Arlen)’

As it has always been with GRiZ, “It’s All Good.” With the fifth single on the album, he teams up with Jessie Arlen, who’s featured again later on in Say It Loud. They make quite the team, because both tracks are up their as personal favorites. They pull off a genuinely old soulful style mixed with glitchy tendencies. There’s also a special section in it for the trap/twerk lovers out there. If you haven’t been shaking your rump, you’re about to.

’GRiZ – A Fine Way To Die (feat. Orlando Napier)’

At the halfway point we reach the first single of the album, “A Fine Way To Die.” Orlando Napier hops on the keys and provides a seductive vocal performance with John Gray, Will Glazier, and Eric Bloom providing the trumpet work. Intensely moving, it has been with us since December and has received over a million plays.

’GRiZ – For The Love (feat. Talib Kweli)’

I almost had an opportunity to open for Talib Kweli, but that’s beside the point. GRiZ collaborated with the Brooklyn veteran to create “For The Love,” a song that certainly doesn’t lack any soul. No matter how you are feeling before you listen to it, this jam will leave you feeling even better.

’GRiZ – Stop Trippin’ (with iDA HAWK)’

Written and recorded in Brooklyn, “Stop Trippin'” is the return of Jessie Arlen, but now as the alias iDA HAWK. Bringing a little bit of sass, she provides the perfect vocal for this inviting masterpiece. Incredibly catchy, it’s one of the most memorable songs. There’s nothing better than magical melodies.

’GRiZ – Headspace (Time Is On Our Side)’

Aptly alone, GRiZ is the sole artist in “Headspace (Time Is On Our Side).” Calmly we float through an atmospheric dreamscape that lasts a purposeful and appropriate four minutes and twenty seconds. It’s musical meditation.

’GRiZ – Turnin’ (ft. Orlando Napier)’

Returning in “Turnin'” is Orlando Napier. Although there is a bonus track, this is what officially closes out Say It Loud. Another page has turned in the book of GRiZ, with great things on the horizon. “Turnin'” has a sense of reminiscence within it that makes it an impeccable finisher to the album. More importantly, it conjures optimism of the future.

’GRiZ – Take It High (ft. Ivan Neville) (Bonus)’

Every good performance needs an encore and “Take It High” is the equivalent of the encore. Ivan Neville helps out with a highly accessible, and highly funky tune. Positive energy pops off in a hurry with this one last shout before the next chapter of GRiZ begins. Please do show this to your parents and grandparents if they liked disco, because I bet they will like it.

Whether you want to buy Say It Loud, stream it, or download the free Bit Torrent Bundle for it, you can find all the necessary links in one location. How convenient?

GRiZ’s talents shine like a thousand suns yet again, alongside his colorful comrades. Community over competition is the motto, and GRiZ is a central leader to a musical movement backing that up. Say It Loud is a monument to that movement.

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