Weaver Beats has been quietly producing some of the best chill-hop, wave music, and future sound from Honolulu, Hawaii, and how he’s dropped the crown jewel of his collection, his Conscience LP.

The hallmarks of this beatmaker are supremely deep but subtle bass, crisp percussion that consistently slaps, and ethereal pads which he employs to great emotional effect. All three elements are blended to perfection on this LP, making Conscience a vital contribution to the growing tidal bore where wave music, hip-hop and future music collide and mix. So aware of this bore is Weaver Beats that he founded his own label, Future Vibes, where “all sub-genres of future music are welcome.”

Weaver Beats tends to stay away from the sample-collage style and lo-fi aesthetic that is so typical of beat purists, preferring instead to work with the elements listed above. In this way, his music can appear formulaic, but that doesn’t take away from it’s raw impact. Crank your speakers up, especially your sub, and try not to be washed away by the waves emanating from this LP.

The producer states on his Soundcloud account that he attempted to introduce more vocal sampling for this project. For the most part, such sampling sounds more like an instrument, a piece of the sonic puzzle, than an indispensable vocal lead. The title track exemplifies this. The songs ran a gambit of tempos, from the title track’s familiar get-low trap tempo to the unexpected soft-stepping house beat of “Hybrid”, and the stutteringly slow and sweet “Fall In Love” featuring the talented, tongue-in-cheek producer Multirex. The title track is flipped three times by producers Kazukii, MiscellaneousT, and Danky to round out the album.

This is superb study music, driving music, background or forefront music. In its beautiful simplicity Conscience achieves this versatility. Listen deeply and you can get lost in between the rupturous kicks and snares on “Villain”, within the looped guitar sample on “Indigo”, or beneath the subterranean bass on “Hold Me”. Add it to your collection here.

’Weaver Beats – Hold Me’
’Weaver Beats – Conscience’
’Weaver Beats – U Dont Know (w/ Binx.) (VIP)’
’Weaver Beats – Fall in love (w/ Multirex)’
’Weaver Beats – Hybrid’
’Weaver Beats – Villain’
’Weaver Beats – Indigo’
’Weaver Beats – Conscience (Danky Remix)’
’Weaver Beats – Conscience(MiscellaneousT Remix)’
’Weaver Beats – Conscience (Kazukii Remix)’
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