It’s no secret around here at TMN that the synth-washed electropop project of Brooklyn-based musician and producer John Jagos, Brothertiger, has resonated deeply with some of us over the years. In July we premiered Brothertiger’s collaboration with Rose Quartz, “Pleasure & Pain”, and today Jagos has dropped the latest piece to a forthcoming, Indiegogo crowdfunded LP, Out Of Touch, in the form of “Wake”. “Wake” sputters out a balmy, smooth vocal wrapped around his usual brand of off-kilter electronic pop structuring for a feel that is simultaneously familiar, unique and addictive. Brothertiger’s latest leans ever so slightly toward a corner of yacht-rock, but the ambient tones utilized here wash over its listener like an enveloping fog to create a soundscape that touches upon numerous aural aesthetics. “Wake”, is an entrancing and an all-around utterly lovely tune combining a number of things we love about Jagos’ Brothertiger project and a welcome peak into his impending Out Of Touch long-player. For those looking to get a leg-up and show off your collecting chops in the process, pre-order your special green-vinyl copy of Out Of Touch (due out December 4th) here. Stream “Wake” above.

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