Mac Demarco
I've Been Waiting For Her

Mac DeMarco’s been “Passing out Pieces,” as he would say, recently. Last week, he shared a fully instrumental compilation titled Some Other Ones, a pre-cursor to his upcoming, appropriately-titled LP Another One. Today, we get another single from the highly anticipated follow-up to Salad Days. On “I’ve Been Waiting For Her” sees Mac in prime form layering breezy guitar and nonchalantly soothing vocals. As the song closes you can hear a quirky modified guitar solos that brings to mind his early LPs. DeMarco’s sound will always have a timeless feel to it, even with its oddities, and his latest is definitely no exception.

Hit play above and let your mind wander to its happy place. Another One drops on August 7th–you can pre-order here.

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