It's All in Vain

As they prepare for their debut album with Columbia Records, Wet gives us “It’s All In Vain,” a graceful and resounding single that pairs striking vocals with effervescent production in an absolutely effortless manner. The lyrics touch on the ever present conundrum that is love and succeeds in communicating the difficulty and apprehension that it often leads to and entails. The celestial instrumentation cascades freely in a chilling atmosphere, holding together an overarching sense of wonder and serenity that Wet has mastered through a string of consistently fascinating songs, including “Losing All We Knew” and a stunning cover of “Chasing Pavements” by Adele.

If you’re searching for a tune to rebuild your composure after or during some recent emotional sting, which all of us will need at some point, “It’s All In Vain” is a stellar place to start. This glimpse into their debut album, Don’t You, shines as a promising introduction, not that it comes as any surprise to anyone familiar with this talented trio. Find yourself a small sense of bliss today while delving into this noteworthy tune. You won’t regret it.

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