Kicks n Licks
Morning Light (ft. K Emeline)

It’s always refreshing when artists make truly inspiring music that leaves us wanting more. We’re talking about music that hits you right dead center in the feels. We here at TMN appreciate those types songs in which artists deviate from their typical style of music and lean more towards the emotive side of production. Electronic duo, Kicks n Licks, changed things up a bit with their newest original piece, “Morning Light”, which features the atmospheric voice of Emeline. In contrast to their later pieces of work, “Morning Light” resonates something truly euphoric, peaceful, and pure.

The moment we heard this song we instantly had the dire urge to go drink a large glass of ice water because it was that refreshing to hear. Kicks n Licks added more organic elements that can be conveyed in the subtle echoing synths, the ambient clicks, the bird chirps, and the stunning piano melodies. This track captures the essence of nature as well as their ability to manifest something entirely different from their previous songs. We are very pleased with “Morning Light” and we look forward to hearing the rest off their forthcoming Momentum EP, out August 12th. We guarantee you’ll want to go on a hike after hearing this one, so grab your boots, pack a light lunch, and lose yourself in the beauty surrounding you.

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