Known among his peers as “the producer’s producer,” this classically trained pianist and percussionist has straddled genre lines for years, previously being awarded as the Best Scratch DJ for his home state of North Carolina – at the age of 17. With a love and flair for classic instrumentation, and an interest rooted in the electronica world, it’s no wonder we’re picking our jaw up off the ground after hearing Sings, which dropped last week.

One of our favorite tunes from the gorgeously orchestrated LP is “First Thought, Best Thought.” The precariously named title might be a nod to what every artist goes through in creating something, going through constant eternal struggles only to find that that initial creative flame, was in fact, the best.

Carroll’s percussion rich upbringing can be heard throughout this entire piece, popping over atmospheric, nature rich elements, and synthesized human chantings.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’re offered a much more pop driven tune in “The Hunter.” With a light, playful melody, Carroll’s voice carries effortless through the dance inspired beats. You honestly can’t help but get taken to another world whilst listening to this tune, embracing its flirty and playful nature is inevitable.

Both examples are mesmerizing, and in all honesty, are just the tip of the iceberg for what you can expect from Sings.

’First Thought, Best Thought’
’The Hunter’
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