[TMN PREMIERE] Jasmine Thompson – Adore (Addal Remix)

Jasmine Thompson
Adore (Addal Remix)

London-based singer/songwriter Jasmine Thompson has been making moves in the electronic scene lately. After first gaining notoriety on YouTube and being featured on hit tracks from some of EDM’s largest names, she signed with Atlantic Records and subsequently released “Adore,” her first solo original release. It’s an electro-pop love ballad backed by an addicting folky guitar loop–a strong debut from a promising young artist.

Today, we’ve got the premiere of an absolutely gorgeous remix from mysterious Italian producer Addal, who’s been churning out beautiful electronic compositions on his/her Soundcloud for over a year now. Some times a remix doesn’t need to do much to add a whole lot to the original and such is the case with Addal’s take on Thompson’s “Adore.” Addal builds an atmospheric aura and creates a deep house groove before playing on the original’s infectious guitar melody to match Thompson’s ethereal, emotional crooning. Addal’s Soundcloud profile description truly captures the essence of this rendition–“It’s the pure essence of love turned into music.”

Also, check out the original and its gorgeously-shot visuals below. You can find a few other remixes of “Adore” on Thompson’s Soundcloud page and grab a copy of the single over at iTunes here.

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[Melodic House] Sirena – Chemicals (Addal Remix)

Chemicals (Addal Remix)

Here’s a feel-good tune for all of you who are stressed out with exams and work. Italian producer Addal released this remix of a Sirena tune titled “Chemicals”, and it hits us right in the feels. Addal is known for making quality music that possesses a heavy emotional appeal. Stripping down Sirena’s track and adding in a downtempo drumbeat, Addal creates a tune so relaxing and wonderful it’ll make you ponder life. A series of beautiful piano cadences start off the track, followed by some muted guitar melodies. These maneuvers all come together and help convey a powerful effect to all the listeners.  No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, take a minute and listen to this track. Addal never disappoints.

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[Deep House] Christina Perri – Burning Gold (Addal Remix)

Christina Perri
Burning Gold (Addal Remix)

Labelled as “emotional music”, Addal‘s sensational reworks always manages to capture everyone’s heart. Remixing Christina Perri‘s “Burning Gold”, the Italian producer puts out a juicy track that is both catchy and memorable. The tune starts off with these piano chordal cadences, soon followed by an upbeat ukulele that fills up the mood. Christina’s vocals are encouraging and exciting as shown in her song lyrics. The hollowed humming at the beginning and during the middle of the tune accentuate the “emotional” element of the song, almost like a hymn. The housey beat definitely spiced up the already poppy track without being overdone.

This tune will have everyone clapping their hands and singing along. It it just that powerful. Addal wows everyone once again with this release. Hats off to the talented musician and we are beyond stoked to see what else he is bringing to this genre.

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