[Electronic] Dabin – Lilith feat. APASHE & Madi

Lilith (feat. Apashe & Madi)

What do you get when you mix Dabin, APASHE, and Madi into one beautifully written track? A melodic and mind bending sensory overload capable of tearing us in three different, but very welcome, directions. Released as the second single off of Kannibalen Records artist Dabin’s album, Two Hearts, the triad of sounds that is “Lilith” melds together the sweet vocals of Madi, Dabin’s delectable instrumental melodies and the well-known hard hitting bass of APASHE. While the track starts out smooth we’re soon catapulted into a heavy drop of synthy bass giving “Lilith” a pleasant and unexpected twist. Two Hearts is set for release on March 31st, however pre-order is currently available on iTunes. If you go ahead and pre-order, you get the single early!

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Wednesday Workout Playlist [Vol. 3]

It’s Wednesday evening and by this point you know what that means: a brand new installment of your favorite workout playlist. For volume 3 we’ve included an assortment of heartbeat elevating bass to get your body moving as well as a few mellow tunes with catchy beats to warm you up. With less than 2 weeks till it’s officially summer, this playlist has got your back to help get you in shape for that swimsuit!

’Millesim feat. Mafalda ~ Figured Out (Wor’King Remix)’
’Justin Bieber X Rajiv Dhall – Company (it’s different Remix)’
’XYLØ – L.A. Love Song (Win & Woo Remix)’
’J A S H – Summer Time Love (Nick Peters Remix)’
’D∆WN – Honest (Nina Las Vegas Remix)’
Hat Conversation” by Human Movement’
’_massive attack – paradise circus (mija remix)’
’DJ Sammy + Level 1 – A Little Respect’
’Really Like (feat. Effy)’
’LZRD x Spirix – Take Me Apart ft. Remmi’
’Chelsea Lankes – Bullet (Instant Karma Remix)’
’Paul Oakenfold, BRKLYN, Amba Shepherd – U Are (Premiere)’
’Herobust – Bottle Swervice (MNYKR & Snøwmass Remix)’
’Flúx Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Cazztek Remix)’
’Apashe x RIOT – Fire Inside’
’Ookay – Thief (NIGHTOWLS Remix)’
’Rickyxsan Feat. iE
z – Growlin’ (ATLiens Remix)’
’Snails & Botnek – Happy Hour’
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[Nostalgic] Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Apashe X Oski X Lennon Bootleg)

Backstreet Boys
Everybody (Apashe x Oski x Lennon Bootleg)

All of you are probably asking yourselves, “did I read that title correctly?” “Did The Music Ninja actually just post a Backstreet Boys remix?” Well ninjas, we actually did. Digging deep into our childhoods, Apashe, Oski, and Lennon summon the inner fangirl with their modern take on the boy band’s 1997 pop hit, “Everybody.” The bootleg introduces listeners to a strange, but pleasurable mixture of nostalgia and unfamiliarity. It retains the pop essence of the original and manages to steer clear of tampering with the melody and vocals that have symbolized our youth for over a decade. Simultaneously, the refurbished classic finds its place in today’s music with a harder and grungier feel. So go ahead and take a listen to your soon-to-be favorite guilty pleasure.

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[Trap] Apashe x Tha Trickaz – Trap Requiem

Apashe x Tha Trickaz
Trap Requiem

Like music that packs on the bass? Then click the sideways triangle above. “Trap Requiem” is an absolute monster of a song. Apashe and Tha Trickaz come together again for an original on Kannibalen Records. Each of these acts are known for their destructive bass music, but together they are unmatched in intensity. In fusing orchestral elements into this beast, they created something truly divine. Dig the massive sound? Then make sure to grab your copy here!

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A Talk With Apashe [TMN Exclusive Interview]

’Apashe – Golden Empire (EP Preview Mix)’

French-born, Canadian-based, the talented upcoming bass-music connoisseur known as Apashe has been making big waves in the electronic music scene as of late. From working his day job as a Sound Designer in Apollo Studios, to playing live-energy sets at Montreal’s most notorious nightclub, Le Belmont, this one brings the full package. Recently, The Music Ninja had the great pleasure of speaking with Apashe, to talk about his upcoming EP which he just released previews for yesterday, Golden Empire on Kannibalen Records. The producer talks about inspiration behind the release, and how he was able to garner such a following as an artist:

TMN: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us today, John. For people who have never heard of you, describe the music you make in three words.

Apashe: Heavy, Epic, Trap

TMN: How did you finally come to the name ‘Apashe’ when beginning music production?

Apashe: It’s a really long story, but to keep it short: my friends used to call me ‘L’indien’, which means ‘Indian’ in French, just because I’m 1/4 Indian. However, when I started making music, I searched for a cool name that I never found so I though “f**k it, I’ll just call myself ‘Lindien’. I thought it was kind of cool until I started playing for people who did not speak French.  Then I realize how terrible it sounded in other languages. At that moment, I searched for an alternative and another friend came up with ‘Apache’. We found it bada**!  The only thing was that there were already a band called ‘Apache’ as well as an MC by the name of ‘UK Apache’.  To make sure I could distinguish myself from the others, I just changed the ‘c’ for an ’s’.

TMN: The guys from Kannibalen Records have certainly played a big role in your career. How do you feel they’ve helped to establish you as an artist and when did you first meet them?

Apashe: I first met them three years ago when I freshly moved from Belgium to Quebec for studying. A friend ‘Lektrique’ introduced me to them. I thought it would be good to work with them a bit in order for me to meet new people and learn more about the scene in Montreal… I never would’ve thought of it leading to this. Today, I believe it might be the best thing that ever happened to me. How I feel they’ve helped me; besides, from the fact that they work really really hard to push me, I think they’ve helped me getting the “self-confidence” I needed to succeed in life. I have always been doubtful about everything I was doing. Is my music good? What am I really doing of my life? They made me realize that it doesn’t matter if what you do is good or not as long as you keep working to get where you want. If you don’t give up I don’t see why you wouldn’t progress and at a certain point getting at a good level. If I look at everything I’ve done in those three years, quite a lot wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t there. Today, we’re like a family, yet a bloody family that is really hungry and not afraid to struggle to achieve our goals. Watch out!

TMN: Who are you most influenced by and who were some of your inspirations before electronic music?

Apashe: There was no ‘before’ electronic music for me, I was born in 1992. I’ve always been into electronic music. My dad used to listen to plenty of musical genres. Classic, Jazz, Metal, as well as electronic music. I can’t remember the first time I heard a Prodigy track but I’m sure I was hearing it before I even knew what music was.

My influences (electronic music): Most of my inspiration does not come from electronic music but if it does I would say Prodigy for the energy and originality, Fat Boy Slim for the grooves, and Noisia for their tight drums, basslines and heaviness.

My influences  (not electronic music): Danny Elfman who compose all the soundtracks for Tim Burton’s film has something really unique that I admire. Hans Zimmer for his Epic orchestrations in films like Inception, Batman, Gladiator etc… Then completely different, but I really like Dr Dre and the way he re-samples old funk hits to create new Hip-Hop hits.

TMN: What was your musical background like while growing up? Did you have any knowledge of organic instruments?

Apashe: My dad has played in several bands when he was younger. For him it was really important for my sisters and me to learn an instrument. So, I use to play drums and then I took some music theory classes when I was a child. However, I was too young and forgot everything. Ten years later, I had to learn everything again in university for some orchestration classes.

TMN: Your upcoming EP ‘Golden Empire’ has certainly been quite an interesting topic of discussion lately. How did the collaborations with Zitaa & Odalisk come about and where did you get the inspiration from?

Apashe: Zitaa and I work both for Apollo, the studios where I work at. It only takes a second for us to jump in a studio and try out something. I was working on ‘Golden Empire’ and though it had be cool to have her singing on it. So one day I just ask her “Hey, want to sing on something?” It took us two hours to brainstorm, write the lyrics, record and edit her voice and we were both damn happy with the result!

The other track Sand Storm, I got the same feeling as with my other track ‘No Twerk’. It’s violent and has a lot of heaviness in the lows. Therefore, it needed some high-pitched violence. I immediately thought about Odalisk who delivers exactly what the track needed, some bad a** female violence.

TMN: Thanks for the interview, John. Any new and exciting projects you think we should know about?

Apashe: After this upcoming EP, I want to take some time to finish up some secret collabs I’m working on. All I can say is there will be collabs with sick French producers as well as Hype Americans Producers. I’m also preparing a videoclip that should be ready in the early fall. Be sure to keep an eye out this Tuesday for my release on Kannibalen!

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The Trap Dojo #59 [MP3 Playlist]

The Trap Dojo is here again with all the beats to wank you out of your boring life and drop you into a euphoric land of 808s, where the sidewalks clap with snares on every off-step and you can feel comfortable either throwing a deuce out of the side of a smoke filled lowrider or singing along with emotionally charged remixes of tween pop-hits and everything in between. Brillz does what he does best on this heavy track thats certified to turn any turnt up dance floor into a full scale, elbows and fists, moshpit. The only thing that could possibly make Keys N Krates killer track any beter might be some sharp lyrics which King Louie, Tree & Cyhi the Prince deliver on this remix.  Rustie and Salva remix a couple killer hew hip-hop tracks including verses from Pusha T, Tyler the Creator and Sage the Gemini and K Theory keeps the hip hop vibe right on going with an original track. Next up is three tracks from thefaded. ‘s newest (and last?) release “One Last Time EP“. The whole EP is 11 tracks which are all solid gangsterdam bangers so download it all free at the link above. Kid Sister, Smookie Illson, LVX, Tropkillaz and Goon Bags all bring their own booty poppin twerk bangers. Closing the list out are some awesome chill trap tunes from THUGLI and RL Grime along with R&B love-jams remixes of Drake, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus
and Cassie

’Doctor P & Adam F ft. Method Man – The Pit (Brillz Remix)’
’Pusha T – Trouble On My Mind Ft Tyler (Rustie Remix)’
’Sage The Gemini & Iamsu! – Gas Pedal (Salva Remix)’
’K Theory – Trouble’
’thefaded. – Fuck Boys’
’thefaded. – Everybody (Bounce)’
’thefaded. – No Sleep’
’Nervo & Ivan Gough ft. Beverley Knight – Not Taking This No More (Smookie Illson Boot)’
’Notixx – THIS IS NOT A DIPLO REMIX (read description)’
’Jackal ft. CRNKN – Bubblegum (LVX Remix)’
’Tropkillaz – Listen To The Bass (part 3)’
’Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar – Give It 2 U (Goon Bags Remix) **FREE DL**’
’Apashe x Odalisk – Overload
’Natalia Kills – Saturday Night (Mistermike Remix)’
’DJ Sliink X DJ Fresh Direct – Murder – “Murther”‘
’Noah D – Roll Out (The Jeep Remix)’
’THUGLI – Out Of My Mind’
’Because of U
RL Grime’
’Drake – All Me (Amplicity Remix)’
’Justin Bieber
All That Matters (Jeftuz remix)’
’Miley Cyrus – Someone Else (Party Favor Remix)’
’Cassie – Me & U (Dr. Fresch’s Let’s Go Home Remix)’


’SwaggleRock – Booty Pop Mix’
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The Trap Dojo: Christmas Edition

Ho Ho Ho’s get ratchet this holiday season and The Trap Dojo has got the Christmas beats to make ’em twerk. This special edition of the dojo is chock full of seasonal goodies from old faces and new friends. Our first track is a remix of The Ronettes version of “Sleigh Ride”, infused with a whole lot of footwork by Wheez-ie that will be sure to put a smile on your face. The same track gets another, much more hood treatment later in the list from Trill.iam Next up is an absolutely massive “Carol of the Bells” remix from Terravita, substituting some horns for the traditional bells following an incredible drop. Borgore and Carnage team up for this short but sweet version of “Feliz Navidad”. While the number of stereotypical trap samples they throw into the one minute long track is almost comical, this song packs a punch that will give your subwoofer a workout. Another newcomer to the Dojo, Tall Kid throws a really nice trap beat over  Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas” letting her smooth vocals dominate the track. Next,  a pair of Dojo regulars, Team Bayside High and Ookay both released a couple Christmas tracks each. My favorite has to be Team Bayside High’s remix of DMX singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” that they released before the original viral video had even 300 views. Next, Natekodi turns “White Christmas” into an 8-bit Trap tune sure to bring back memories of unwrapping your first video game system. The rest of the list is full of trapped out holiday classics (the Apashe track is actually glitch-hop but who cares) that will keep your head nodding while opening gifts and sipping spiked egg nog from a double cup. From everybody here at The Music Ninja we want to say Merry Christmas.

And as always, download the whole list here

ie Sleigh Ride ($uper Bootleg)’
’Terravita – Rock The Carol Of The Bells – XMAS GIVEAWAY’
’Feliz Navidad – Borgore & Carnage’
Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas (Tall Kid Remix)
’DMX – Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (Team Bayside High Remix)’
’Rock the Bells (Free DL in description)’
’Ookay – Trillmas ///CLICK BUY 4 FREE DOWNLOAD///’
’Ookay – Jingle Bills ///BUY 4 FREE DOWNLOAD///’
’White christmas (natekodi chiptune trap remix)’
’Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah (Remix)’
’Apashe – Nutbreaker (Free Download)’
’Nat King Cole
The Christmas Song (W3st Trap Remix)’
’Holidays With D.veloped’
’In The Hall Of The Ratchet King’
’The Ronettes – Sleigh Ride (TRILL.iam CRIFFMAS Trap Remix) FREE DL’
’The snowman – Walking in the air (RekmoNL*Trap!) ‘
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