Jarell Perry – Quiet Life [TMN PREMIERE]

Quiet Life
Jarell Perry x APSPDR+

It’s been awhile since we last heard from Jarell Perry. Retreating into the “Quiet Life” during the latter half of 2014, Perry spent considerable time cultivating his craft in preparation for his upcoming project, Noise, set to drop later this spring. Today, we have the distinct honor of premiering the very first single from his new EP.

Produced by APSPDR+ (SZA, BOSCO), “Quiet Life,” as you may have guessed, is an ode to the simple things. Unlike many of his contemporaries, the burgeoning singer expresses a desire to eschew the glitz and glamour associated with fame in favor of a much more intimate existence, proclaiming on the chorus that “living loud is lonely.” It’s difficult to argue with his reasoning, as the reticent crooner describes his idyllic vision over an eerie, soporific backdrop complimented by clattering 808’s and numbing synths. The talented vocalist had the following to say about what he set out to accomplish with the pensive number,

 It’s a reflective/nostalgic tune I wanted to get out while the buzz of the holidays and winter cuffing season is still palpable. I’ve been doing a lot of inner self-work for the last couple months and this song really reflects that.
Listen/download the new track above, and keep your eyes peeled for Noise, which is shaping up to include a bevy of gifted producers, including the likes of Rusko, starRo, and deebs. Also, if you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to get a taste of Jarell’s incredible vocals live, make sure to grab tickets for his show at Bootleg Hifi at the end of this month.

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