Bass Kleph – Make Me Forget (Original) + EC Twins Remix

They say too much time in LA changes a man, and this release proves it.

LA has definitely played an influence in Bass Kleph latest single, proving to be much aggressive and darker than some of his previous releases (perhaps he is in Halloween mode?). With “Make Me Forget”, Bass Kleph premieres his very own vocals but they are quickly overshadowed by its polished production and dynamic structure. Combining many dance elements together, “Make Me Forget” does cover a lot of ground with enlightening house build ups, thumping dutch-like basslines, all wrapped up in an overall progressive electro house ambiance. The release comes with the complimentary remix of LA locals The EC Twins, both of which you can stream below.

’Bass Kleph – Make Me Forget (Original)’

’Bass Kleph – Make Me Forget (EC Twins Remix)’

‘Make Me Forget’ is set to release on 29th October on Vacation Records.

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[TMN Exclusive] An Interview With Bass Kleph

When we were first asked to cover the Bass Kleph show at the Hive in Denver, we went on with our week thinking just that. A few days later we were asked if we’d like to do a meet and greet. Of course we obliged, as we always love connecting with the artists we support. Then while we were waiting for him at the bar around the corner from the hotel, we decided to conduct an impromptu interview. Sometimes these things have a way of happening. And we’re glad they did.

After a whirlwind of laughs, drinks, and some errors due to the lack of preparation, we concluded and headed to his show. If you’ve never seen Bass Kleph live, you’re missing out. While we’ll admit that a lot of DJs out there working on just CDJs can impress us, Bass Kleph takes his live performances to a whole new level. The combination of the three CDJs and his Maschine make for an incredibly entertaining live performance.

TMN: We know that Australia has an incredible music scene and puts out a lot of talented artists. How would you compare each individual city’s music scene to a city in America?

BK: Melbourne got some cool smaller clubs that have some great underground music. They have some mainstream stuff too, and they do it really well, but they have cool underground clubs where they do great tech house until all hours. It kind of reminds me of some of the after hours parties you guys have in the states, only if you could imagine a whole city full of them.

TMN and BK: (Stop interview to order drinks)

BK: Sydney and Melbourne probably make up the most of it. Brisbane has a pretty good scene too. The sound of Brisbane is somewhere in between Sydney and Melboune; it’s almost like a combination. It’s got a great party atmosphere. The people are always really into it, and I love playing there.

Let’s see…where else…Gold Coast is like our mini version of Vegas. Perth has got some incredible underground stuff going on, especially drum and bass stuff, breaks, and dubstep. That’s where Pendulum and Knife Party are from. Adelaide has got some pretty good parties too. It does shift around a bit, but Melbourne and Sydney are probably the main two.

TMN: From our personal experience, we feel that Australians like to party a bit.

BK: (Grinning) No…no…

TMN: We post a lot of indie rock on our blog in addition to all the EDM. Australia has had some amazing indie bands to come out of it like Angus and Julia Stone. Are there any indie bands from Australia that you like to listen to?

The rest of the interview & two tracks after the jump… Continue reading

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