[NEW] James Blake – 40455

James Blake

James Blake has recently taken residency as a DJ on BBC Radio and, as part of his inaugural show, the talented U.K. artist shared a brand new track of his own. “40455” carries the feel of Overgrown with its deeply emotional vocals and Blake’s incredible, often haunting work on the keyboard. Zone out to this one below and look for a few James Blake crafted remixes to surface from the recent BBC1 Radio installment in the near future. If only our radio stations (NPR excluded) could be as cool as BBC…

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[New] Burial and Four Tet – Nova

Last night TEXT013 was launched on Four Tet‘s twitter and soundcloud page- greeted by much excitement. “Text” being his label and “013” being the release number. The song, titled “Nova”, is another collaboration with the infamous Burial with whom he’s worked in the past; most notably last year’s Ego/Mirror 12in split with Thom Yorke.

“Nova” has gotten great reception, b lining to 40,000 plays in one night (it’s at 130,000 right now after only 18 hours) and resparking our love for the duo. The song itself stirs amid vocal samples for about 90 seconds before a layer of keys really get it moving and get the layers working in harmony.

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