[Soul/R&B] Christopher Blake – Bad (feat. Armani White)

Christopher Blake
Bad (feat. Armani White)

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump-and-grind to start your Monday off. Dallas-based singer Christopher Blake teamed up with producer Caden Jester and Philly-based rapper Armani White on this sexy little tune called “Bad”. Blake’s soulful vocals and White’s crafty verse fit perfectly with the slow jam. The lustful guitar solo towards the end further adds to the the sexiness of the track, which resembles the sound of The Hills” by The Weeknd.

The continuous collaboration between Blake and Jester really shows the versatility of their production and the different territory of sounds they are exploring into. Be sure to check these guys out if you dig “Bad”, as all of these talented individuals are on our list of artists to watch in 2017.

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Caden Jester ft. Christopher Blake – Slow [TMN PREMIERE]

Caden Jester
Slow (ft. Christopher Blake)

Here in TMN, we strive to discover music that turns heads but is also outcast to genres. This gem by Caden Jester is the perfect example of that.

“Slow” is an infectious tune that explores elements from R&B and soul to future bass without them overshadowing one another. The vocals by Christopher Blake are powerful and add a nice R&B touch to the melody. Slow-paced drums and a groovy bassline bring out the downtempo vibe of the track up until the drop, which combines casual wavy synths and a more upbeat approach. Whichever genre you fancy, it would be very difficult to not vibe to this lovely tune.

Being that Caden is only 18 years old, it is amazing how he came to familiarize with all these different genres and is able to combine them and give his own spin to create an original track. With the release of “Slow”, it is safe to say we’ve found our next favorite producer to religiously follow.


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