Saturday Selection Vol. 6

Saturday Selection

These past two weeks have been an absolute GOLDMINE for music fans everywhere. We’ve honestly never seen a month this stacked with releases both from established legends and exciting newcomers in a long time. It doesn’t stop, and we’d be fine it never did really. Even with all of the hype, you may have missed a few things, and we’ve got some highlights that you definitely need to hear. Switch up your taste a little today and show the talented folks below some love.


CAFUNÉ – Don’t You Forget

We love CAFUNÉ. After having the amazing opportunity to premiere their debut EP, Love Songs For Other People, we’ve been hooked on their pristine style of electronically tinged pop. They continue to demonstrate their mastery of the genre with “Don’t You Forget” in a positive minded approach, both lyrically and production-wise. They’ve even been given praise from Pharrell Williams himself, so, even if you haven’t heard of them yet, you will. From their amazing covers to their catchy and sweet original material, CAFUNÉ show that pop music isn’t all formulaic, and we’re lucky to get to hear them break that barrier.


Mura Masa – Lotus Eater (Tonton Remix)

Simply put, this is a stunning rendition of an already phenomenal song. Remixing Mura Masa is no small feat, and Tonton made it look effortless. The defining features of the original were kept, but this “Lotus Eater” update has skyrocketed into popularity on its own merit. Finding a way to still make your speakers go through a workout and maintaining a cool and collected sense of calm is quite the balance, but this remix handles both without fail. Keep your ears open to for more Tonton.


Anna Straker – Late Night Swimming

We’ve got even more great pop coming at you this week, and it’s here courtesy of Anna Straker. Debut tracks on SoundCloud are always great to come across, and “Late Night Swimming” continues this trend without a hitch. You can soak up the sun with this one, or cruise around with the windows down as the breeze whips around you almost in time with the song itself. Anna Straker is enchanting throughout the tune, and, even with the strong production, her voice is the anchor holding “Late Night Swimming” together. We are VERY ready for more from her.


Mishegas – Home

Building an emotional appeal with no words is something to be admired, and Mishegas‘ sophomore tune channels a similarity to artists in Foreign Family in this regard. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let “Home” transport you into another dimension of heavenly synths, swaths of reverberating drums, and a serendipitous melody that makes you feel like everything might just be alright. We’re catching onto Mishegas early, but there’s no stopping him if more tunes like “Home” are on the way.



What do you get when you put a little bit of banjo into electronica? YOKE LORE. At first glance of that sentence, it may seem like a silly combination, but “SAFETY” has proven it can work, and very well at that. The group vocals chant harmoniously along with a strumming banjo, thumping kicks, and resounding synths that culminate into something extremely unique. This is one tune you’ll just have to listen to to believe. Grab their EP here!

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CAFUNÉ – Love Songs For Other People [TMN Premiere]

Pop music is a fickle thing. As we know, it veers toward being mostly accessible, but luckily we still have the perimeter acts that shed typical traits while still, interestingly enough, operating within certain structural norms. Here is where CAFUNÉ reigns supreme. This duo, comprised of Noyu and Sedona, has revamped the likes of Porter Robinson, Daft Punk, and, most recently, Drake in their pristine and practiced style of alternative pop that has carried over into a noteworthy debut EP, Love Songs For Other People. We are beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to premiere this project for you, so let’s go ahead and dive in!

Lay Low & Lay Low (Reprise) – The double dose of the “Lay Low” tunes are the bookends of the EP, but they work together with a purpose. As the intro synths trickle in, they crescendo into an electrifying concentration of their signature sound tinged with video game synths and confident lyrics delivered by Sedona, the duo’s primary vocalist. The tone is instantly cheery and encouraging as the intro builds, but the reprise shifts back down to a calmer demeanor for a short moment before one last buoyant chorus bids us farewell.

Warm Body – This single, previously premiered by Smoothie Tunes, is simply fun. You can’t beat the unbridled optimism and catchiness of a tune like “Warm Body,” and it absolutely stands out as a shining moment in Love Songs For Other People. Having the privilege of good pop music doesn’t come around every day, and a song like this is a prime example of what the genre as a whole can accomplish.

Fall Asleep Slow – “Fall Asleep Slow” is another track that preceded the EP release, and its guitar-driven focus paves the way for distorted and bit crushed vocals that coalesce into a clear-cut creation dealing with the need for an escape. Considering all of the recent events that have transpired, we certainly could use one at some point. So far, this EP provides exactly that.

Runaways – If the previous song was the call for a new start, “Runaways” is the action itself. Aptly named, this song hearkens back to “Lay Low” with playful and chippy synths that flutter around the buzzing chorus and dance around the lyrics that detail a journey of pushing past a former love. Have we all been there? Absolutely. We just really enjoy the method that these two take in expressing this common sentiment.

CAFUNÉ is a band that exudes a deserving amount of confidence and aptitude on a remarkable debut. Love Songs For Other People was created with thousands of miles between the duo for some time, but their separate experiences molded together to forge something spectacular and infectious that proves no boundaries or limitations will deter them. It’s a project that gives you hope. It brightens your day the instant you scroll past it in your feed and hit play. It’s a combination of alternative and pop music that makes you smile. Hold on to that feeling and you’ll enjoy every second of CAFUNÉ’s prominent debut.

Keep up with CAFUNÉ on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

’CAFUNÉ – Lay Low’
’CAFUNÉ – Warm Body’
’CAFUNÉ – Fall Asleep Slow’
’CAFUNÉ – Runaways’
’CAFUNÉ – Lay Low (Reprise)’
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Daft Punk – Instant Crush (CAFUNÉ Edition) [TMN Premiere]

Instant Crush (CAFUNÉ Edition)

Random Access Memories was an album met with mixed feelings by many. With that being said, it’s had countless remixes since being released, as is routine with anything Daft Punk. With just under two years after it came to us, RAM received a new rendition of one of its standout tracks, “Instant Crush,” courtesy of the indie electronic duo CAFUNÉ.

These two have built a strong identity right out of the gate with their high energy original, “Letting Go,” and a resounding version of Porter Robinson‘s “Sad Machine.” Their first tune of 2015 comes in hot, and continues to push the envelope of exactly what they are capable of. They had this to say about their newest:

“We love doing these “editions” because it’s a chance for us to exercise our creative muscles while working on original music. Both of us grew up with The Strokes and Daft Punk and they’re two of our greatest inspirations as a duo. “Instant Crush” is also one of our favorite tracks off of Random Access Memories, so it only made sense for us to do it as a Valentine’s Day treat.”

No pun intended, but they did a lovely job. It captures the essence of the original while showcasing their talents as a dual threat with analog and digital production techniques. The New York duo has a debut original project in the works, but luckily we have this stellar number to hold us over until then. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day (or All-Star Weekend if that’s more up your alley) with CAFUNÉ and keep these two on your radar. Don’t miss out on the free download!

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