[Future] Lido & Canblaster – Superspeed

Lido & Canblaster

Shortly after announcing their collaborative EP last week and dropping the first single “Rush Hour,” Lido and Canblaster returned yesterday with the title track from the upcoming release. “Superspeeed” keeps the back and forth between the young, talented producers alive as they create a bouncy gem with vocals that help enforce the project’s name. Once again, Lido and Canblaster display a unique approach to composition striking a balance between relaxing soulful elements, glitchy breakdowns and club ready bass lines. The dynamic nature of their work thus far makes for still-interesting repeated listens–we’ve played this one about ten times today. Superspeed is due out on April 6th and can be pre-ordered on iTunes now. In the meantime, hit play above and try to keep up.

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[Future] Lido & Canblaster – Rush Hour

Lido & Canblaster
Rush Hour

Lido and Canblaster, both pioneer’s in their own right, are teaming up for an EP due out in a couple weeks and, earlier today, blessed fans with the first single. “Rush Hour” plays out like an escalating back and forth between the two as their styles both shine all the while intertwining seemlessly. The opening of the song finds a balance between Lido’s knack for piano-led, grandiose openings and Canblaster’s frantic percussion before dropping into a banging, chime-layered trap beat that brings to mind Canblaster’s work as part of Club Cheval. The two young artists’ sounds collide for a manic climax before falling back into a beautiful, signature piano solo from Lido. Superspeed drops on April 6th and promises to be a delightfully unpredictable and forward-thinking project. Pre-order here.

P.S. If you’re a big fan of Lido, make sure to check out our pictures from his phenomenal debut performance in SF here.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #32

Sometimes there are those moments in life where time seems to be moving too fast and it’s a constant race against the clock to get things done. These are often the times when we need to slow things down, take a breath, and take another look at things with a clear head. If you can relate, then this stress-busting playlist is dedicated to you.

We start things off with some slow disco magic from 5 reasons, who provides the perfect tune for a city drive as the warmer weather kicks in. Amazing vibes, dreamy vocals and plenty of groove tick all the boxes for the track of the week. Filling similar criteria is the next feature from UK duo Psychemagik, adding some smooth synths to take the funky original to another level of danceability. Speaking of impressive transformations, dojo favourite Le Youth lets loose a dancefloor-ready remix of Jakwob’s emotional original in a style you wouldn’t imagine possible.  Australian producer Flex Cop is another honourable mention on the list of dance-worthy music this week, with a stunning deep-house original that works in the vocals from ‘No Diggity’ with great success. Plenty of chill trap to also enjoy this week, with some eclectic remixes of Cashmere Cat coming off their recent Mirror Maru Remix Ep and another unique take on a Rudimental original coming from Two Inch Punch. The latter end of the playlist then moves into a nice selection of chillstep with familiar names in Faraway Skies, who delivers an amazing remix of Seven Lions, and Sizzlebird, who proudly released his much anticipated Alive EP. It’s been a while since we’ve ended the playlist with something a little different, so we’ve thrown in a bit of smooth jazz for good measure, because who the hell doesn’t like that?

Hopefully we’ve down our part in alleviating some of the stress from your life this week. It’s not often we take the time to give ourselves the rest we need. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #32 zip

’5 Reasons – Night Drive In Moscow (feat. Patrick Baker) (Original Mix)’
’HAIM – Falling (Psychemagik Remix)’
’Jakwob – Fade (Le Youth Remix)’
’Flex Cop – Werkit’
’Treehouses – (iO Sounds remix)’
’SOHN – The Wheel (REID Remix)’
’The Dream – Ghetto (Figgy Remix)’
’Make You Stay ft. JMSN’
’C¡ara – Bødy P4rty (†REEM!X)’
’Gurl You Know’
’Kiss Kiss (LidoLido Remix)’
’Cashmere Cat – Kiss Kiss (Canblaster Remix)’
’Rudimental – “Spoons” ft. MNEK & Syron (Two Inch Punch Remix)’
’Seven Lions – Days to Come (Faraway Skies Remix) *Free Download in Description’
’SizzleBird – Journey of Luna.mp3′
’Emperor – Dust And Echoes (Free Download)’
’Reso – Simple Pleasures (Om Unit remix)’
’Distance – Fallen (Olie Bassweight Remix)’
’Relaxmode *sold’


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