[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2017 Round #4)

Tunesday Tuesday, Taco Tuesday, brand new Indie Dojos. It appears that Tuesdays are HIGHLY underrated. We’ll get on fixing that, but for now, enjoy the gifts from this beautiful day.
’Adrian Fade
’Dang Clets
’Count Counsellor – Open Eyes’
’Joseph of Mercury – Find You Inside’
’Raj Chrome – The Key’
’Feng Suave – Sink into the Floor (Single)’
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[Soul] Count Counsellor – Warm Bullet

Count Counsellor
Warm Bullet

Count Counsellor’s newest track “Warm Bullet” is extremely soul piercing and you may shed a tear! Grab your box of kleenex and get ready to experience one of the most soothing tracks on the internet at the moment. Count Counsellor is a collective of artists located out of London and Australia who create the smoothest R’n’B tracks that really pull your heartstrings! This love song will resonate through out your evening and open your heart like the hi-hats on the last verse. “Warm Bullet” has been the only song I can think of where I thought to myself “Woah that was a beautiful ending!”

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