[House] The Beautiful Girls – Long Way Home (Danielle Remix)

The Beautiful Girls
Long Way Home (Danielle Remix)

Back in February, a female artist by the name of Danielle surfaced onto our feeds with her remix of “Shaky Ground” by Freedom Fry that pulled many of us from our winter hole. Now that spring has sprung, it seems that the “fashion meet music” maestro is back to guide us straight into summer with a brand new remix.

Turning to a more blues and folk source for a launching pad, Danielle takes on Australian band The Beautiful Girls’ “Long Way Home” to make this next drawn out month until summer a little shorter. A resonating bassline wobble opposed by jovial guitar strums and sun-soaked xylophone dabbles, this remix shifts the weight towards more groovy-melodic sounds while keeping the tropical elements in the accent role.

If this girl can get 100,000+ play on her first remix without a single follower, think what she can do with an equally as good second track and a little more traction to begin. This one is up as a freebie so soak in the spring sun and enjoy.

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[Summer] Freedom Fry – Shakey Ground (Danielle Remix)

Freedom Fry
Shaky Ground (Danielle Remix)

It’s so nice to stumble on new artists almost daily, and the newest discovery we’ve dug up is the summery vibe from Danielle. With February halfway over and the slow crawl of winter refusing to quit, it’s tough to get into the mindset that warm weather is anywhere close to coming back, but Danielle has stepped in to quell our winter blues.

This transformation of Freedom Fry‘s “Shakey Ground” ushers in a strong first presence for Danielle, especially within the tropical realm. There’s much more groove in this debut tune than the rest of the genre, and it gives a nice refresher as to what tropical driven tunes are capable of. The best elements, mainly the chorus, are accentuated alongside the pumping percussion and island drums in a catchy manner that’s sure to help pave your way all the way to Margaritaville even in the freezing cold. Dust off that blender and go buy some bendy straws, because summer will be here before you know it.

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