[Video] Deebs & Jarell Perry – Relapse

Deebs & Jarell Perry

The duo of Deebs and Jarell Perry proved what can be accomplished when two immensely creative forces collide together with the release of their collaborative Shift EP back in May. After taking their talents on tour across much of the West Coast and Canada, the pairing’s bond has only grown stronger since then and today we bear witness to the latest fruits of their labor in the form of the music video for their standout single “Relapse”. The stunning visuals serve as the directorial debut for fashion photographer/podcast host, Yoshino, whose previous work has been featured in publications like Elle and Flaunt Magazine.

The video starts off solemn and colorless, but signs of fracture start to show as the song builds towards it climax. Almost without warning, everything shatters into a sea of pixels, syncing up perfectly with the song’s urgent synths and Jarell’s ominous vocals. The visual piece serves as the best example of datamoshing that we’ve seen since Kanye West notably used the trippy glitchy effects for his “Welcome To Heartbreak” video back in 2009.

When asked about his vision for the track Perry had this to say about the inspiration behind the visuals:

I’ve seen a lot of close friends, particularly women, deal with limiting beliefs about who they are and who they can be outside of a toxic relationship. It’s a battle they are fighting with themselves, and for me it was important that the visuals represent that tension (and liberation) in a more unconventional way.

If you still somehow haven’t heard the duo’s Shift EP, do yourself a favor and grab a copy on iTunes. Look for new material from Deebs and Jarell to emerge soon, and for those in the L.A. area make sure to catch the latter with starRo at the Lyric Theatre on February 5th.

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