[House] Young Franco – Drop Your Love (ft. DiRTY RADiO)

Did we see this collaboration coming? No. Are we insanely glad it happened? You know it. DiRTY RADiO, notorious for incredible vocal renditions of rising producers, teamed up with Young Franco for an absolute scorcher of a pop-tinged house tune. Every single part of this song is pristine, from the stripped down (compared to Young Franco’s solo releases) production peppered with shifty synths and thumping drums to the impeccable harmonization and vocal prowess layered snugly within the track.

Infectious doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on describing “Drop Your Love,” as it pulls together the best traits of both artists into a tune that can, and should, fit into almost any and every playlist out there. As we are well aware, Australia continues to provide us with some of the best electronic music out at the moment, and Young Franco does it big yet again by enlisting DiRTY RADiO. Get grooving!

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[Future R&B] DiRTY RADiO – Waiting So Long (Beat by: Sam Gellaitry)

Waiting So Long (Beat by: Sam Gellaitry)

This Canadian trio has jumped into the “future beats” scene in an unexpected way. Beginning in September of last year, DiRTY RADiO utilized their singing abilities to create vocal renditions of some of the best up and coming producers currently on SoundCloud, and have done a spectacular job of it thus far. From Flight Facilities to Pomo, these three have harmonized their way to increased success since their inception. Their latest endeavor is supplied with production by the young and talented Sam Gellaitry, and continues their precedent of letting their vocals shine while simultaneously sharing the spotlight with the producer they’ve recorded with. “Waiting So Long” bounces along nicely with DiRTY RADiO‘s group vocal and makes for a fun track to kick off the weekend with, so snag that free download and enjoy your Friday!

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