[TMN Premiere] DíSA – Cure


Electronic music has helped usher in a new wave of fresh vocalists, each using its various soundscapes in different ways to expand their horizons of expression. Denmark-based Icelandic singer/songwriter DíSA, with just a few releases, has already found a unique, powerful voice in this space contrasting dark undertones with a modern pop sensibility. We’re excited to be bringing you the premiere of her latest track, yet another reason to keep her on your radar for 2015.

“Cure” features a minimal instrumental with a pulsing bass line and progressive ambiance, the perfect setting for a talented vocalist. DíSA’s beautifully haunting vocals take center stage as each verse slowly erupts into an enormous, and addicting, chorus. It takes more than a good voice to fully command a song but DíSA displays the rare ability to do so with ease on this one. Listen for yourself above and look out for DíSA’s debut EP early next year. 

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