[Show Preview] DJ Muggs @ The Gothic – Denver, CO


Next Tuesday night, April 9, a legendary producer and DJ is bringing his amazing live show to Denver. While it won’t be on Cypress street, or up on a Hill, the show will go down at the legendary Gothic with the acclaimed LA producer DJ Muggs. For those of you who do not know Muggs, this is your chance to see a legend in action. And for those of you who have been fans since the good old days of Cypress Hills, Muggs’ one-man-show is something no one should miss. The title of the tour says it all, Bass in your Face, and if you can’t handle the drops then best stay home. Muggs, Lawrence Muggerud, got his first turntable back in 1985 so to say he is a master of his trade probably does him no justice. His experimental touch on all types of music has left fans captivated for years and as the years progress, so does his undeniable talent. It also does not hurt that the young bucks of Modestep, the crazy foursome from London, are the headlining act after Muggsie. I hope the Gothic floor doesn’t give out under all the bass.

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[Hip-Hop/Electro] DJ Muggs – Headfirst (feat. Danny Brown)

DJ Muggs, of the legendary Cypress Hill, has always been one of the more innovative and experimental producers in hip-hop. This is evident in Cypress Hill’s recent success stepping out of their genre restrictions collaborating with EDM artists. On his latest single, Muggs teams up with Detroit’s one-of-a-kind MC, Danny Brown, for a bass-heavy track that demonstrates the vet’s ability to stay relevant without losing his unique sound.

“Headfirst” will be featured on DJ Muggs upcoming album, Bass For Your Face, which will also feature Chuck D, Dizzee Rascal and Freddie Gibbs among others and is due out on January 15th. Slap it below!

’DJ Muggs feat. Danny Brown – Headfirst’
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