[Crazy Collaboration] Gazzo feat Farewell Luna – Inspire (Original Mix)

Gazzo Music
Gazzo feat. Farewell Luna-Inspire (Original Mix)

So what happens when you take the mad skills of a talented Electronic producer and mix them with the angelic vocals of an Indie artist?

You get quite the collaboration.

Gazzo takes his electronic melodies to the next level pairing up with Farewell Luna to release this beautifully combined song “Inspire” which is exactly what this is, an inspiration. This song starts off with the strong beats of Gazzo before FL’s undeniably stunning lyrics curl their way throughout the mix. As sung in the song, “We ran away from home, inspired by a dream…” and that is exactly what these two artists brought together, a dream that combines two very different music styles to make one picturesque tune.

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[Alternative] Farewell Luna – Dead in the Water (Ellie Goulding Cover)

A man and his guitar is a beautiful thing.
A man with a captivating voice, sitting along a fence, giving all he has to cover Ellie Goulding’s “Dead in the Water” is an even more beautiful thing.
We at TMN are huge fans of the highly talented Jared Wohl, or as he is better known, the voice and musical skills behind Farewell Luna. Wohl has added his laid back Indie/Alternative sound to give this Goulding song a soothing calm feeling, one where you can close your eyes and really hear every lyric in the piece. Many artists attempt to cover a Goulding song, it is something to aspire to for many singers. Wohl does an amazing job of capturing the original feeling of the piece while adding his own whimsical touch and the video carries a certain touch of blissfulness.
Enticing cover.

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