[Hip-Hop] Captain Murphy – Shake Weight (TNGHT Version)

The mysterious Captain Murphy, best known for his work with Flying Lotus, is one of the first of likely many rappers to hop on an instrumental from Hudson Mohawke and Lunice‘s standout electro-trap TNGHT EP. On “Shake Weight,” which was tweeted out by HudMo earlier today, Murphy’s versatile vocals perfectly match the intensity and bounciness of “Bugg’n.” The TNGHT duo have already expressed a desire to work with hip-hop artists and this is a pretty cool glimpse into the potential collaboration across the genres.

Stream and download this high octane cut below and make sure to check out the TNGHT EP if you haven’t yet given it a listen.

’Captain Murphy – Shake Weight (TNGHT Version)’
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Flying Lotus – Between Friends (f. Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy)

Coming directly thanks to Adult Swim’s Singles Program (who have featured contributions from bands we’ve covered like Hives, Wye Oak) is the latest of experimental multi-genre music producer Flying Lotus. Beyond for his work producing bumper music on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block, the eclectic Cali producer has been able to captivate the music world with new organic sounds ever since his first album 1983, debuted in 2006. Joining him for a hypnotizing jazzy new track are Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy. “Between Friends” is a clash between deeply low verses with a soft and static retro background of soft melodies.

’Between Friends (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy)’
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[Summer Mixtapes] Tyler, The Creator + Flying Lotus

I couldn’t have picked two completely opposite mixtapes to feature together. On one hand we have “Summer Camp Mix 2011” by Tyler, the Creator (DJ Stank Daddy and Steak Daddy) with a combination of old classics and modern marvels from the previous months, focusing on down tempo hip/hop and total SWAG. And on the other side of the spectrem, there is the 2+ hours long new mixtape by genius experimental producer Flying Lotus, compiling a wide collection of his favorite songs from all times. The entire mixtape is a groovy flashback of the past with some surprising tunes in between. I guess all we really need now is to include a crazy Electro mixtape to cover all the genres in one post (hopefully Designer Drugs 15 drops soon).

Download: Tyler, The Creator – Summer Camp Mix 2011

Download: Flying Lotus – Lovers Melt 2 mix (megaupload)

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[Experimental] Flying Lotus – Caravan of Delight

Flying Lotus, AKA Steven Ellison, is noted for his experimental jazz/ hip-hop fusion style, and ‘Caravan of Delight’ is definitely set to gain him further acclaim. The icy intro gives way to woozy, twinkling synths that float lightly over darker beats that provide a delicious contrast, making this a chilled yet ever-so-slightly menacing track. ‘Caravan of Delight’ has the potential to become a true classic for techno fans the world over. ‘Caravan of Delight’ is featured on the ‘Let The Children Techno’ compilation album, out on Ed Banger Records.

Flying Lotus – Caravan of Delight

’Flying – Lotus – Caravan of Delight’
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[Experimental] Flying Lotus: Cosmogramma

Cosmogramma finds electronic mastermind Flying Lotus advancing his quest to redefine jazz and hip hop music in the twenty-first century. Meanwhile, his approaches to production reach new heights and staggering proportions, to dazzling and often intimidating results. It comes as no surprise that Flying Lotus has, with his latest album, crafted an explosive and unnerving electronic album that, after repeated listens, unfolds into a post-modern jazz masterpiece. Unlike the narrowly focused swinging beats of 2008’s Los Angeles, Cosmogramma is a record about being overwhelmed. Increasingly complex rhythms and progressions pair with Flying Lotus’ flair for creating unlikely melodies out of spare parts to create an album which, elusive to genre, can only be called jazz. FlyingLotus-CosmogrammaOn “…And The World Laughs With You,” a jealous Thom Yorke repeatedly texts a significant other, “I need to know you’re out there/I need to know you’re out there/ I need to know you’re out there somewhere.” His cries scatter and dissolve around FlyLo’s melancholic bassline and the twists and turns of the song’s Nintendo-core synth glitches. Read full review at inyourspeakers.com

Flying Lotus – Satelllliiiiiteee


Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane

’10 Do The Astral Plane.mp3′
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[New Releases] First 2 Weeks of January 2010

Aside from, hopefully, featuring great songs, we feel like in 2010 we’ve got to step our game up and be on top of the latest releases. What is there to look up to this January? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a couple of new releases we are looking for.

Flying Lotus is all about exploring the experimental possibilities of other genres. He released a couple of tracks a couple of months back giving Lil Wayne some glitches and dreamy synthesized melodies converting the track into a surreal experience. He’s a well involved artist that produces his own music and always stays current remixing new songs. If you do not know a thing about this guy, listen to a couple of his previous work below. Massage situation came out in 2007 in his Reset EP; Rickshaw is the 7th track in L.A. EP 1 X 3 from 2008; and the last goodie is a remix from another experimental/electronic DJ Nosaj Thing.

Flying Lotus – Massage Situation

’19 Massage Situation.mp3′

Flying Lotus – Rickshaw
’07 Rickshaw.mp3′

Camel – Nosaj Thing Remix


The guys from The Octagon will be releasing their Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever album on January 5th. Leading the pack is track numbero uno: Suicide Kings. You can stream the full album here.

The Octagon – Suicide Kings



The much anticipated OK GO album is dropping next week! I remember discovering them in 2007 thanks the “Here It Goes Again” music video that completely won the internet over. While we wait for Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, here is a song from the official Soundtrack 90210 released back in October 2009.

OK GO – I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe



Contra is the second album by American indie rock band Vampire Weekend. The release of the album is, according to the band’s website, planned to be January 11, 2010 in the UK, and January 12 in the U.S. Just as their eponymous debut album, Contra is being released on XL Recordings. “Horchata” was released as a free download on October 5, 2009 on the band’s website. I’ve also attached a very tropical tune from Toy Selectah Mex More.

Vampire Weekend – Horchata

’Vampire Weekend – Horchata.mp3′

Cousins (Toy Selectah Mex-More Remix)
’Cousins (Toy Selectah Mex
More Remix.mp3′


Mancunian Band Delphic will be releasing ‘Acolyte’ on January 11th. Its been reported that the BBC considers it to be one of the big break out bands of 2010. We’ll have to see how it all pans out this year but these guys have definitely become one of our favorites. And a little bonus remix from French DJ 835

Delphic – Doubt


Doubt (835 remix)

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