[Soothing] James Blake – I Am Sold (GARREN Remix)

I Am Sold (GARREN Remix)
James Blake

GARREN has established quite the reputation for his work, and even had people stealing it at one point. Thankfully, that situation was rectified, and he’s begun to truly receive the credit that’s been long overdue to him. Every remix he’s released lays a warm blanket of lush synths and refined drum work over our delicate ears and tucks us in at night safe and sound.

His new take on James Blake‘s “I Am Sold” continues this tradition with the aptitude of James himself along with clear influences from Cashmere Cat and more forward thinking artists. His groundwork for success is strong, and while he still is slightly under the radar, there’s no doubt that his time going unnoticed will be short lived. He has demonstrated mastery of exactly what sound he’s going for, and we need to hear more. Grab the free download here.

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