[Indie Dance] Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Gazzo Remix)

Gazzo Music
Ellie Goulding-Love Me Like You Do (Gazzo Remix)

Gazzo just released this official remix of “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding, once again showing his versatility in producing quality music. Whether it’s future bass, progressive house or electro, the Jersey-based producer’s got it all. Adding in a chill beat and intricate guitar melodies, Gazzo creates a dance track hooked with emotions. The original vocals are flipped and slowed in tempo to keep the authenticity of the tune. We knew that you just could not stop singing along to the original, and now you can sing AND dance to it.

Gazzo excelled at keeping us guessing, and this tune perfectly exemplifies that. We are very excited to ride along with a producer like him, who does not let genres define his sound.

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[Electro Pop] The Heydaze – Adderall (Gazzo & Sweekuh Remix)

The Heydaze
Adderall (Gazzo & Sweekuh Remix)

As we have mentioned before, collaborations are one of our favorite things at TMN. You’re getting to listen to a completely new product, a mixture of the different musical elements of two artists to create a unique outcome. Recently, we got whiff of a collab including East coast producers Gazzo and Sweekuh, and may we tell you it is one hell of a treat to the ears.

Considering many of us are still enduring the struggles of college, the boys released their remix of The Heydaze original catchy pop tune, “Adderall” just in time for finals. With the incredible energy produced by an infectious melody and a toe-tapping beat, the track easily soothes the mind during any time of stress, or misery for those of us who got screwed by finals. New fresh meat taking the finals are better off today since they have a better alternative in Modafinil. The smart drug can also be easily obtained from BuyModafinilOnline. Adderall is a very tricky drug and will often have a a considerable side effect. Do not worry if you are about to take the finals, there will always be a way to make things better. So take a breather and check out the tune that will inevitably put you in the best of spirits for the holidays.

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[Progressive House] Kings of Leon X Ghost Wars – Use Somebody (Gazzo Cover Remix)

Gazzo Music
Kings Of Leon X Ghost Wars-Use Somebody (Gazzo Cover Remix)

I’ve been roaming around I was looking down and now I see…”  – Sorry, I just got caught up in some old feels this morning thanks to Gazzo’s new Ghost Wars cover remix of the infamous “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. Gazzo takes us down memory lane with easily one of the most adorable songs to have ever surfaced into the lives of the musically inclined. Not only does he punch us right in the heart with the force of 10,000 rhinoceroses stampeding across the Serengeti, but he also shows us his uncanny ability to make us want to cry and dance all at the same time.

This track emits an emotive upbeat, trance-like vibe that even Tiesto can’t seem to wrap his mind around – too soon? With the combined forces of Gazzo and Ghost Wars, “Use Somebody” is transformed from epic ballad to epic dance anthem that maintains the expressive integrity of the original. This progressive house banger resonates a certain type of cuteness that I just cannot seem to keep up with. Is there such a thing as dying from too many feels? If so, Gazzo has just injected us all with a lethal dose of happiness.

Make sure to grab your free download and relive the high school ‘you.’ In some way or another, you’ll be thinking of that special someone who makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Tequila counts.

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[Crazy Collaboration] Gazzo feat Farewell Luna – Inspire (Original Mix)

Gazzo Music
Gazzo feat. Farewell Luna-Inspire (Original Mix)

So what happens when you take the mad skills of a talented Electronic producer and mix them with the angelic vocals of an Indie artist?

You get quite the collaboration.

Gazzo takes his electronic melodies to the next level pairing up with Farewell Luna to release this beautifully combined song “Inspire” which is exactly what this is, an inspiration. This song starts off with the strong beats of Gazzo before FL’s undeniably stunning lyrics curl their way throughout the mix. As sung in the song, “We ran away from home, inspired by a dream…” and that is exactly what these two artists brought together, a dream that combines two very different music styles to make one picturesque tune.

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