Ghost Beach – Close Enough (Feat. Noosa)

The rising electro-pop duo Ghost Beach are back to share another hypnotizing collaborative track. After pairing up with San Francisco’s summertime enthusiast Viceroy on “While We’re In Love,” the New York-based tropical duo have teamed up with the lovely and much-featured-on-The-Music-Ninja artist, Noosa.

“Close Enough” is a nostalgic track, reminiscent of 80’s and its bright summer days as the impeccable production (by Nic Hard of The Bravery and Aberdeen City) lays a foundation for the vocals to glide through the track. This new original track is off their next full-length, which is currently untitled and without a set release date.

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’Ghost Beach – Close Enough (Feat. Noosa)’
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[Electronica] Vacationer – Good As New (Ghost Beach Remix)

If you hadn’t gathered, we at The Music Ninja are big fans of Vacationer and his chilled out, blissful style of electro pop. His music, which you can find on his debut album Gone, is the perfect way to escape present day bummers and worries. Ghost Beach, who we’ve also featured before, take a slightly different approach to the original “Good As New”. Their remix is still very much the ideal dreamy cure for the blues, but its energy is punched up a couple of notches and coupled with Vacationer’s flickering shiny vocals and a juicy splash of reggae vibes. The track is the first of a number of reworks, to be released on a forthcoming Good As New Remixes collection. Download it below and be whisked away…

’Good As New (Ghost Beach Remix)’

Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Vacationer: Part 1 & Part 2.

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Viceroy – While We’re In Love (ft. Ghost Beach)

San Francisco’s Viceroy has literally blown up the electronic scene this year with his quality remixes and originals. His is a ubiquitous name; when you see it listed, you can’t help but already know you’re in for some magic. On his newest track, “While We’re In Love” featuring New York City’s tropical pop duo Ghost Beach, we’re instantly transported to a sunny, pristine shoreline, breathing in the fresh ocean air, with an irresistible urge to break out and dance. Don’t deny it. We’re in the last stretch of this long workweek, let this track take hold of you and give you that extra kick to finish strong.

’Viceroy – While Were in Love (Feat. Ghost Beach)’
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Ghost Beach – Miracle (Viceroy Remix)

Summer this, summer that. It seems that is all we have been labeling all the cheerful melodies we have come across lately. And now we wish we hadn’t because if there is one song that scream playing in the beach and enjoying a nice cold beer during a hot summer day, it would have to be Viceroy’s latest remix. San Francisco producer Austen Afridi also known as Viceroy, with the help of Californian friend TheFatRat (no stranger to The Music Ninja) transformed the already enlightning original ‘Miracle” by tropical Grit Pop group Ghost Beach, into the most refreshing auditory beverage this summer. Listen and download below.

’Ghost Beach – Miracle (Viceroy Remix)’
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