[Indie Dance] Gryffin – Headed Home ft. Josef Salvat

Heading Home Ft. Josef Salvat

New York based producer Dan Griffith, aka Gryffin, has been making a whole bunch of light-hearted and fun remixes over this past year. The ascension he’s made in this short of a time period is telling of where he’s headed—~*~*among the stars~*~*~. For the longest time his remix of Tove Lo’s “Talking Body” was something we had to blast in our lives at least 5 times per Friday, so we’re so excited and happy to see that he’s finally released his first very own track, “Heading Home” featuring Josef Salvat.

A familiar start for a Gryffin track, he begins with a piano intro complete with some faint pulsing delay and then brings in the smooth like butter vocals of London-based Josef Salvat, an artist whose work brings the perfect amount of soul into the track. The happy snaps come in and we know a blissful drop is coming, but not before Salvat leaves us with some words of wisdom: “People gonna judge, people gonna talk, they can say what they like, won’t keep me up at night.”

The tune delivers happiness, vibes, and the need to dance, and we can tell you that this is definitely one we’re going to be blasting at our camping spots come this festival season, and all of our friends will be smiling and jumping and giddy and all will be good in the world. Luckily many of you will be able to do that in front of a stage he’s playing, too, because he’s going to be all over this year’s festival circuit.

Stream the tune above or check it out on Spotify’s electroNOW playlist!

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Talking Body (Gryffin Remix)

You can tell just by looking at the names involved in this tune that it’s going to be a hit. Gryffin has been on top of his remix game and refuses to quit, and now he’s taking on the rising pop star Tove Lo for another official release. Every tune that Gryffin touches gets such an uplifting transformation, and it’s just about impossible to have anything but a smile on your face whenever his material comes on. Crunching through the always infectious deep house groove that is supplemented strongly with guitar sounding synths, the golden Gryffin standard holds firm. No matter what artist heads his way, there’s a guarantee of a grandiose house tune and a widely successful launch. With a name and sound as exciting as Tove Lo’s, don’t be surprised if you hear this just about everywhere you go in the near future.

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