Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape (SMLE Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Gwen Stefani
The Sweet Escape ft. Akon(SMLE Remix)

Gwen Stefani. Oh how I’ve missed her. Thanks to the newest remix from SMLE, she is back and better than ever. These two are becoming increasingly notorious for embellishing older songs for the benefit of our eager ears. From T-Pain to Train, there’s no telling what this duo will tackle next, and this rambunctious and dynamic vision of a Gwen Stefani classic shepherds in nostalgia while also setting up your week for a cheery start. Hopefully at some point in the near future, the weather starts warming up again, because SMLE’s newest is a tune primed and ready for car rides with the windows down and sunny days. If this track is any indication, clearly they are eager for summer to kick back in, and honestly, who isn’t?

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[Electro] Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For (3.A.M. Bootleg Remix)

At this point, it seems as if Toronto-based 3.A.M. can do no wrong. From Florence + The Machine to Gwen Stefani, 3.A.M. has demonstrated that they’re able to capture the absolutely essential portions of every song they tackle before tossing the rest out the window and replacing it with some monstrous, gritty basslines and blazing synths to create a truly massive ear shattering experience. Trust me, I’m going to have hearing loss for at least a week after mistakenly blasting this through my earphones. The scariest part about all of these remixes is that it seems like 3.A.M is refining their sound with each and every track they release, proving that they’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with in 2013.

As a bonus, we’ve added 3.A.M.’s “Wake Up Call Vol. 1” mix, full of plenty of original tracks and remixes to get any party going.

’Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For (3.A.M. Remix)’

’Wake Up Call – Vol. 1’
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