Housing Corp – When I Hit The Club [TMN Premiere]

’Housing Corp – When I Hit The Club’

Housing Corp just unleashed a scorcher of a G-House track with When I Hit The Club. Reviving a classic Slim Thug track, these two call on the always welcome four on the floor rhythm, and have managed to create a stellar groove reminiscent of a dialed back Oliver. It’s so nice to hear house music with actual automation and progression that hearkens back to times before the onslaught of big room and the loudness war. The parallel of the throwback Slim Thug sample and old school vibe of When I Hit The Club meshes into an insanely fun and cohesive tune, making it an essential addition to your weekend playlist. G-House needs to stick around, and hopefully we’ll be hearing even more of it from Housing Corp soon. Flip on their newest above, leave work with a smile, and get ready to dance away the end of your week.

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