[Dubstep] Illenium – Fractures (Trivecta Remix)

’Illenium – Fractures (Trivecta Remix)’

There’s been a very well deserved commotion behind producer, Illenium, his melodic sound puts you into a day dream state you never want to leave and the emotion behind his productions evokes even the most distant memories. What’s just as impressive is the talent that has taken on his tracks for official remixes and today we’re talking about Trivecta’s “Fractures” remix.

Trivecta does an excellent job with keeping the emotionally filled melodic sound that Illenium originally created with this track, but inducing us into a climactic build that drops into a synth laden edit and turns up the percussion for an up beat chorus that melds the two artist’s talents together seamlessly.

Alongside the remix teased in Illenium’s EDC recap which you can purchase or stream here, Colorado based Nick Miller has announced phase one of his Awake Tour. Fans can catch Illenium live all across the United States starting in Denver in November, heading through stadiums from San Francisco to Chicago. With amazing performances at EDC and recently Electric Forest, which we got to witness ourselves, we can guarantee there will be nothing disappointing about this tour. Check out the first stops below and purchase tickets for the tour here.

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[Chill] Illenium – I’ll Be Your Reason

I'll Be Your Reason

Denver-based producer Illenium has made a name for himself on Soundcloud over the last year or so as a leader in the sub-genre of EDM that’s been dubbed “future bass.” Although it’s become a rather overcrowded space, Illenium has distinguished himself with a marked versatility and diversity in sounds earning himself a release on Skrillex‘s Nest HQ.

Departing from his typical production style, “I’ll Be Your Reason” displays exactly what it is that makes Illenium stand out. Rather than go for a trend or generic production style, the San Francisco native teams up with Irish singer/songwriter Eden to create an atmospheric, chilled-out production. Even with its somber undertones, the track still breaks into a chorus reflective of Illenium’s style making for an interesting juxtaposition that pairs relaxing melodies and downtempo vocals with heavier bass elements. If you’ve had a long Monday, this should help you unwind but is equally fitting for a post-work or study drink. Unwind and grab a free download above.

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[Melodic Dubstep] ODESZA – Always This Late (Illenium Remix)

Always This Late (Illenium Remix)

Remixes of ODESZA’s songs will continue to stream into our inboxes, and we will continue to be impressed with many of them. Denver based artist Illenium has put a beautifully electronic melody over ODESZA’s ‘Always This Late’ to create a kind of magical remix. The song reminds me of a scene from a futuristic movie, where the hero is fighting desperately for their nation, their way of life, or the one they love. Illenium has taken this original and bumped it up to a true electronic song, adding in beautiful piano melodies and synth progressions to add a certain luster to the original song. Get ready for a wild trip with this remix, Illenium wants to show it’s never too late for a great remix.

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