Get To Know: Inpetto [TMN Exclusive Interview]

German production and DJ duo Inpetto have just released a sublime single on Dirty Soul, an imprint of renowned dance label Be Yourself Music. Titled “Never Too Late” and featuring vocalist Bryan Finlay, it allows the pair to show of their musicality and attention to detail in impressive style. We caught up with Inpetto to hear a little more about their take on deep house.

When did you first both sit down and make music together, and has it always been a part of your family?

Funnily no other (known) family member besides us has a musical background. It was around 1995 when we discovered our interest in making music and spent more and more of our money and time on it. We then did a couple of our own tracks that we sent out to some music labels. Finally in 1999,our first track was released – this was the start of our musical career.

What pulled you in about the Jerk & Bastard remix?

We love that remix, because it is a complete rework of our track just using the sax and the vocals combined with amazing sounds and driving beats. You have to love the kind of remixes where the remixer made a complete new track by using only the main part like the vocal or main melody of the original – like we always do.

When DJing at your live shows do you both take on separate roles, how does it work?

Well, because we are two people, the situation comes where you have different opinions. Someone has to have the last word on decisions, which is the older one. But that doesn’t happen very often!

Outside of electronic music, what do you find yourselves listening to and do you think this is apparent in your productions?

Actually we find ourselves listening to any genre, but not every genre is an inspiration for our tracks. We are big fans of alternative/indie rock like Daughter, Josè Gonzalez or London Grammar, which might play a role in how we use melodies in our tracks.

What do you have planned for the New Year, maybe an EP or even an album?

We have a couple of new, maybe surprising tracks signed in the first part of 2015. Stay tuned, but theres no album planned yet…



Dirty Soul Recordings
Inpetto Feat. Bryan Finlay – Never Too Late (Original Mix) [Out now]
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[Deep House] Inpetto ft. Bryan Finlay – Never Too Late

Dirty Soul Recordings
Inpetto Feat. Bryan Finlay – Never Too Late (Original Mix) [Out now]

Out now on Dirty Soul, an imprint of Dutch label Be Yourself Music, is the spectacular new deep house release from German duo Inpetto. “Never Too Late” is a groovy track, helped along by the talented Bryan Finlay on vocals.

With a fluid moving groove that runs throughout as the instrumentation changes and adapts, Finlay’s voice adds plenty of tension and atmosphere. The duo use a variety of sounds that add to the unique flavour of this single, with the saxophone playing a key part further into the mix. On the flip comes a remix from Jerk & Bastard, who drop a harder shuffle and more pounding bass line for a livelier crowd.

This is an impressive offering from Inpetto – you can purchase the single here. 


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[TMN Resident Artist] Inpetto’s top 5 must listen to songs

Summer is slowly fleeting before our eyes and another month down means we have to say goodbye to our boys of Inpetto. They of course were kind enough to send over their 5 favorite tracks, along with the reasoning behind loving each track. We have to say, they have this spot on with these choices and we know regardless of the songs being EDM or now, these are some legit choices.

So, farewell you wonderful German brothers, thanks for a wonderful month and best of luck in the upcoming months and year.

Lucky Date – Freak – The track we most looking forward to play on every gig. Perfect banging in a cool way.

Daughter – Youth – Big fans of this group. Its no EDM track, but on heavy rotation in the car.

Zedd – Clarity (Original Mix) – Perfect vocals, perfect production.

Charles Gudagafva – Adam (David West Remix) – One of our all time favorites. Awesome chords and synthlines.

Avicii – Wake Me Up (Original Mix) – Genius mixture between different styles. Every single Number 1 is deserved.

’Lucky Date – Freak (Original Mix)’
’Daughter – Youth’
Clarity (feat. Foxes)’
’Charles Gudagafva – Adam (David West Remix)’
’Avicii – Wake Me Up (Extended Mix)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] Inpetto’s Exclusive TMN Minimix

The Music Ninja Residency Minimix

What better way to end the work week than with an awesome mini-mix put together by our resident artists this month, Inpetto? The German brothers did not disappoint with this mix throwing in some amazing remixes of theirs for Morgan Page, EDX and David Guetta along with some of their awesome original tracks. Put this mini-mix on and let your weekend begin on a high note.

Trackist Inpetto – The Music Ninja Residency Minimix

01) Alexey Romeo – Prometheus (Inpetto Remix) – Heartbeat
02) Jerry Ropero feat. Cozi – The Storm (Inpetto Remix) – Positiva
03) Fragma – Toca Me 2008 (Inpetto Remix) – Positiva
04) Morgan Page – Strange Condition (Inpetto Remix) – Ultra
05) Inpetto – Shhhh! (Sander van Doorn Edit) – Doorn Records
06) Jimmy Carris feat. Polina – Open Your Heart (Inpetto Remix) – Ultra
07) M.i.k.e. pres. Push – Universal Nation 2013 (Inpetto Remix) – High Contrast
08) Morgan Page & Inpetto – Sinobia (Original Mix) – Cr2
09) Chuckie & Promised Land feat. Amanda Wilson – Breaking Up (Inpetto Remix) – Cr2
10) Inpetto – Girls & Boys (Original Mix) – Doorn Records
11) David Guetta, Ingrosso & Angello feat. Chris Willis – Everytime We Touch (Inpetto Remix) – Ultra
12) EDX feat. Tamra Keenan – 2 Hearts 1 Mind (Inpetto Remix) – Pinkstar
13) Inpetto – Yuccasin (Original Mix) – Doorn Records
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[TMN Resident Artist Interview] No Speed Limit for the Brothers of Inpetto

Inpetto Podcast 030 June 2013

TMN: Today I have the pleasure of interviewing our two wonderful July Resident Artists Marco and Dirk who make up the insane German electronic group Inpetto. Hello to you both and thanks for taking the time to chat with me and your Music Ninja fans today ☺

I: Hi, it‘s a big pleasure!

TMN: So, let’s start off from the beginning, or actually, let’s just start off with this. You are brothers who make amazing music together. I think the world loves a good set of siblings who carry extraordinary talents and produce amazing results. How is it going to work with your brother everyday?

I: Yes, we are siblings but we do not have exact the same interests, opinions and ideas. But knowing each other for so long and working together since over 15 years may make it easier to bring different ideas together to a complete work.

TMN: Now, when you were both young, did either of you have musical training or did that come later in life?

I: The only musical training we had, were the school lessons in music, which were quite interesting in the beginning, when you learned some basics about notation and sounds.

TMN: Many musicians today talk about how they had music around them growing up, either their parents played instruments or sang or there was music played throughout the household. Does this resonate with you two at all?

I: No, actually not. There‘s no musician in our family. Our interest of making music appeared when we visited a fair and played around on a keyboard the first time. It was around the early 90‘s. We were kids, and we forced our grandma to buy that keyboard for us.

TMN: Fast forward a bit now and tell us, when was the moment you both realized, hey, I want to make music, that is where my passion is. I’m not talking about huge light coming down moments here, but we all know when those little moments happen, when was it for you two?

I: Yeah, it was not a single intense moment, but a development over a long period of time. So, after getting that first keyboard the interest for making music was in us and pushed us to learn more about the possibilities of producing and finally got a substantial hobby. We spent more and more of our money and time and did a couple of our own tracks. That time came, when Dirk carried these tracks along into the club in which he was working as a resident. And we realized that some people really liked these tracks. And this was kind of a moment, where we thought: “Yeah. That‘s cool! Shouldn’t we sent these tracks to a label to get our own a release perpetuated on a fine piece of vinyl?” But we never thought of doing this job on a daily basis. This happened after we released “Toca’s Miracle” in 2000 and after we finished training for “real jobs”. Dirk a Dental Technician and Marco Electrical Engineer.

TMN: You two are also two-thirds of the dance act Fragma correct? Can you tell us how that started off?

I: After sending out our first tracks to some labels and getting no answers by many labels, we finally got an answer for one of our tracks from the desk of Ramon Zenker. He really liked it and asked us to team up on this track. We were enthusiastic about this idea, because he is an experienced producer and we were big fans of his work.
So we founded the act “Fragma” together and finally got our first release which was called “Toca Me”.

TMN: But at the same time you were doing Fragma, you two also started Inpetto yet Inpetto didn’t really arrive to its full potential until a few years ago. How was it trying to balance being in two musical groups at the same time? What was that like creatively?

I: Inpetto was started at the same time Fragma was founded but was just a remix-project for “Toca Me”. Inpetto was not the only side project we did over the time, we also did a lot of tracks and remixes under an alias named “Duderstadt” and ghost writing for other artists also. Being in more musical groups is a good possibility to let out different kinds of creative ideas. So that was also the reason for reviving the Inpetto project after some years.

TMN: Alright I have to ask, who came up with the name Inpetto (which for the readers, it is an Italian translation of the Latin pectoral: ‘in the secret of the heart’), because as a lover of words, I am kind of in love with your name.

The first track we did under the alias Inpetto was the remix for “Toca Me” and had the style of italian club music, which was very popular in the club we worked for at the end of the 90‘s. So, the main reason for choosing this name was is quiet simple: The German term “in petto” is sounding Italian and decently underlined the style of the remix.
Later on we changed this term to one single word “Inpetto”. Reason? I think it was preponderant something like an accident! 🙂

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[TMN Resident Artist for July] Inpetto

Girls and Boys (Radio Edit)

“Inpetto create amazing productions with a fantastic balance of beautiful melodies and power for the dancefloor.” – Axwell

Well if that isn’t a perfect introduction to our new Resident Artists of the month then I don’t know what is.
Welcome to the Music Ninja stage, Inpetto. They have been around for a few years and brothers Marco and Dirk Duderstadt got noticed early on for all the right reasons in the music industry. Originally from Dorsten, Germany, Inpetto (which is an Italian translation of the Latin in pectoral: ‘in the secret of the heart’) these producers of progressive house and tech house have remixed the likes of David Guetta, and Armin Van Buuren while continuing to make their own simple yet driving instrumental beats that are sure to keep everyone in the audience moving. If you need a little more convincing, just turn on their latest release “Boys and Girls”.

Another month, another pair of insanely talented musicians to captivate your eardrums. Here’s to a month of so many secrets of the heart of Inpetto.

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