The Trap Dojo #59 [MP3 Playlist]

The Trap Dojo is here again with all the beats to wank you out of your boring life and drop you into a euphoric land of 808s, where the sidewalks clap with snares on every off-step and you can feel comfortable either throwing a deuce out of the side of a smoke filled lowrider or singing along with emotionally charged remixes of tween pop-hits and everything in between. Brillz does what he does best on this heavy track thats certified to turn any turnt up dance floor into a full scale, elbows and fists, moshpit. The only thing that could possibly make Keys N Krates killer track any beter might be some sharp lyrics which King Louie, Tree & Cyhi the Prince deliver on this remix.  Rustie and Salva remix a couple killer hew hip-hop tracks including verses from Pusha T, Tyler the Creator and Sage the Gemini and K Theory keeps the hip hop vibe right on going with an original track. Next up is three tracks from thefaded. ‘s newest (and last?) release “One Last Time EP“. The whole EP is 11 tracks which are all solid gangsterdam bangers so download it all free at the link above. Kid Sister, Smookie Illson, LVX, Tropkillaz and Goon Bags all bring their own booty poppin twerk bangers. Closing the list out are some awesome chill trap tunes from THUGLI and RL Grime along with R&B love-jams remixes of Drake, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus
and Cassie

’Doctor P & Adam F ft. Method Man – The Pit (Brillz Remix)’
’Pusha T – Trouble On My Mind Ft Tyler (Rustie Remix)’
’Sage The Gemini & Iamsu! – Gas Pedal (Salva Remix)’
’K Theory – Trouble’
’thefaded. – Fuck Boys’
’thefaded. – Everybody (Bounce)’
’thefaded. – No Sleep’
’Nervo & Ivan Gough ft. Beverley Knight – Not Taking This No More (Smookie Illson Boot)’
’Notixx – THIS IS NOT A DIPLO REMIX (read description)’
’Jackal ft. CRNKN – Bubblegum (LVX Remix)’
’Tropkillaz – Listen To The Bass (part 3)’
’Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar – Give It 2 U (Goon Bags Remix) **FREE DL**’
’Apashe x Odalisk – Overload
’Natalia Kills – Saturday Night (Mistermike Remix)’
’DJ Sliink X DJ Fresh Direct – Murder – “Murther”‘
’Noah D – Roll Out (The Jeep Remix)’
’THUGLI – Out Of My Mind’
’Because of U
RL Grime’
’Drake – All Me (Amplicity Remix)’
’Justin Bieber
All That Matters (Jeftuz remix)’
’Miley Cyrus – Someone Else (Party Favor Remix)’
’Cassie – Me & U (Dr. Fresch’s Let’s Go Home Remix)’


’SwaggleRock – Booty Pop Mix’
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[Playlist Dojo] Hip/Hop

Though these songs aren’t hot off the press, they reflect some of the finner work to date of fresh artists on the hip/hop scene.

Left Boy, (aka Ferdinand Sarnitz) is a 22-year-old upcoming rapper from Vienna, Austria. His tight productions rely heavily on sampling, but the results are nothing less than stellar. “Your Song” flips a Daft Punk sample into a lounge styled track, centered on the tribulations of excessive partying and womanizing. “Your Song” provides a good track to just kick back and relax to, and the humor knit into Left Boy’s rhymes will keep you genuinely entertained.

Grab his free mixtape at:

Left Boy – Your Song

’Left Boy – Your Song’

Gone from the newcomer Donnis follows your usual hip-hop recipe for success, but where it differs in a very good way is the subtle auto-tune use, that delivers and undeniably catchy chorus, without it sounding like it could be sung by robots. The song has a lot of melodic potential, which is apparent by a remix of it being featured in the second iteration of A-trak’s famous “Dirty South Dance” mixtape.

Donnis – Gone

’Donner – Gone’

Not a usual choice as inspiration for a song, T.Shirt creates a flowing track, using nothing but movies as material for his lines. Though the combination is interesting and somewhat strange, the result is very enjoyable, and shows some impressive creative talent on T.Shirt’s part. His rough voice is perfectly complemented by the soft contrasting singing of Darwin Silva.

T.Shirt – 24 Frames (Movie Night) (Ft. Darwin Silva)

’T.Shirt – 24 Frames (Movie Night) (Ft. Darwin Silva)’

Let Loose by Oncue focuses on a topic anyone, anywhere can relate too, the need after working hard to just let loose. Oncue’s style provides smart rhymes with a rhythm that immediately hooks you in, and unlike other singers that claim to know the “tough life”, Oncue’s emotions clearly shine through his singing, to the point where you can feel his frustration and optimism right along with him. Life must be hard in Connecticut.

Oncue – Let Loose (Ft. Nickelus F & Theo Martins)

’Oncue – Let Loose (Ft. Nickelus F & Theo Martins)’

Click Clack has a simple beat throughout, which allows  Kid Sister’s lines to take center stage, lines which she absolutely murders. Kid Sister takes aim at those that have nothing else to show for themselves but their money, and simultaneously shows that she is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn’t listen to the haters, and encourages everyone to do the same and “never mind the haters”, and honestly after her witty flow, how could you hate?

Kid Sister – Click Clack (Show It Off)

’Kid Sister – Click Clack (Show It Off)’
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