[Event Review] Big Black Delta bring the noise at Great American Music Hall – 5/26

DNP_3959For this Ninja’s first time inside the Great American Music Hall, I can’t imagine a better first impression that what was left by Big Black Delta. The stage name of frequent M83 collaborator and Mellowdrone frontman Jonathan Bates, BBD impressed right from the jump. With stylistic and sonic similarities to some of the more recent Neon Indian works, Bates weaved together a dynamic setlist in his headlining slot.


Touring in promotion of his just released album – the first new album in three years – Bates gave attendees plenty of reason to continue supporting and following along his artistic journey. Trágame Tierra builds on his explosive electronic sound, pitting icy Scandinavian beats against acoustic instrumentation. Further, the influence of new wave and synth pop were dotted throughout Bates’ performance. Opening with the crowd pleasing “It’s Ok”, Bates kicked a lively performance into high gear. A steady use of vocal modifier throughout the night added a dynamic aspect to the lyricism, one that is unfortunately not present on the recorded version of Trágame Tierra. A lively rendition of “Kid Icarus” midway through was a personal highlight, containing the loud, catchy chorus that attracted me to BBD in the first place.

’Kid Icarus’



With another release and another tour under his belt, we can only expect BBD to rise to greater prominence; his work with the likes of Kimbra, Debbie Gibson and Brandon Flowers will only prove to help refine his nostalgia-inducing sound. Listeners who missed one of the 26 Big Black Delta stops this spring can cure their fomo by getting a copy of Trágame Tierra here and by following along with Bates’ journey and latest developments on his website.

’It’s Ok’


DNP_4006 DNP_3972 DNP_4068 DNP_4024

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[Electronic Pop] Kimbra – Settle Down (Prince Fox Remix)

Settle Down (Prince Fox Remix)[Warner]

Prince Fox is switching gears from his usual grandiose, future bass production as he prepares his original EP that is set to be out sometime later this year. He’s crafted a bubbly revised edition of pop darling Kimbra that scales back on his familiar sidechained goodness in exchange for more of a tune with a head bobbing nature. Mallet style synths drip along the rumbling drums as Kimbra’s voice is allowed to shine throughout the tune, creating a sense of just what pop could really be capable of if more of its artists were willing to explore new boundaries within the genre. This is a much more toned down version of Prince Fox, and it’s piqued our interest as to what to expect from his upcoming EP. He graciously given us a free download, so snag your copy and enjoy!

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[Future] Kimbra – Settle Down (Sweater Beats Remix)

Settle Down (Sweater Beats Redux)

Sweater Beats took to social media this morning to drop off a brand new remix closing out what could not have been a better year for the young NYC-based producer. Taking on Kimbra‘s “Settle Down,” Sweater Beats displays his impressive bass-driven, R&B-influenced style to perfection. By leaving the vocals from the original in tact, he manages to build a dynamic, constantly evolving re-imagination of the original without taking away from Kimbra’s powerful voice. Give this one a listen above and make sure to check out Sweater Beat’s Cloud City EP if you haven’t already. 2015 is going to be a huge year for SB, and the Huh, What & Where collective more broadly.

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[New] Foster the People + A-Trak + Kimbra – Warrior

WHAT? How did these three come together to produce a song? Turns out it is part of an on going series from Converse and Journey’s partnering up to give all of us new music.

It appears spring is a foot with a fresh-picked collection of colorful Chucks, available exclusively at Journeys. And, in addition to the 8 new hues, there’s also a bold new Converse song, featuring Mark Foster, A-Trak, and Kimbra. Plug into the original track, peep the video, snag the shoes.

Mark Foster (of Foster the People), A-Trak and Kimbra have created ‘Warrior’ a fresh summer-sounding track with authentic vocals and catchy-summer melodies. Stream it bellow and you can download it here.

Foster the People + A-Trak + Kimbra – Warrior

’Foster the People + A
Trak + Kimbra – Warrior’
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[Dubstep] Kimbra – Two Way Street (PatrickReza Remix)

When it comes to making great music, age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Indeed, if an artist’s productions are on point it can be a marked advantage to be young in this industry. A veritable army of vibrant young producers are storming to the front lines as they disregard stereo types and rules of engagement. One of our favorite freshmen dubstep artists is Patrick Reza from the city of angels. With his intricate drum patterns, broken uplifters and natural sensibility for morphing dubstep archetypes into unique combinations this 18 year old producer has got the touch. Just give a listen to his first major label release of “Two Way Street” by Kimbra and you’ll see why. Available for free download on his Facebook page at this link:
PatrickReza Facebook

Kimbra – Two Way Street (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix) by PatrickReza Dubstep

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