[Dubstep] M83 – Midnight City (PatrickReza Remix)

We know what you’re going to say, and yes we have posted a few remixes of M83’s Midnight City. But let’s face it, there’s been a lot of good remixes of an already stellar track, so we just can’t help ourselves.

The most recent of which comes out of LA from PatrickReza, a young producer who we wrote up a few weeks ago. His signature style of dubstep carries over M83’s existing eerie synth. The added samples and gritty wobbles make for a solid track, which we might add, is available for a free download on his facebook page.

M83 – Midnight City (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)

’Midnight City (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix).mp3′
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Kanye West vs. M83 – Midnight Life (White Panda Mashup)

Ok lets not take ourselves too seriously now. Mash ups are a bit hard to come by on TMN but I do have a soft spot for M83 and I have no problem if it is sprinkled with some Kanye (keyword: sprinkled). We featured a bunch of remixes from of M83 – Midnight City a couple of days back but this time we are bringing you a mash up with Kanye West’s ‘Good Life.’

Kanye West vs. M83 – Midnight Life (White Panda Mashup)

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[Remixes] M83 – Midnight City

It’s pretty amazing to see all of the remixes that have come out on this track. One of our favorites has been the Trentemøller Remix which is the first listed below. The intro is slowly wanders in without that signature high-pitch synth from the original. The song does break, at which point more pieces of the original are incorporated. Either way though, Trentemøller has taken a 80’s synth-pop track and made it a chillwave remix.

The Midnight City Remixes EP is due out September 27th. Here are a few tracks that will be on it.

Midnight City (Trentemøller Remix) by M83

M83 – Midnight City (Christian Strobe Remix) by Christian Strobe

M83 – Midnight City (Alcala Remix) by Alcala

M83 – Midnight City (EôN Remix) by EôN

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[Remix] M83 – Midnight City (Christian Strobe Remix)

Nothing beats the blues on a Thursday better than some spacy shoegaze electro, right? Well maybe not, but either way, this remix is legit. German producer Christian Strobe has recently released his EP – Midnight Call. Prior to releasing this, he remixed M83’s track – Midnight City, which is below. The naming is a little confusing, but doing this remix obviously helps promote his EP.

Before you hit play, make sure to lace up your British Knights and be prepared to gaze. Strobe’s remix pulls in the reigns on the synth a little bit, but gives it even more of that shoegaze, 80’s feel. Enjoy.

M83 – Midnight City (Christian Strobe Remix)

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[Electro] M83 – Midnight City

French electro act M83 has been undercover for a while now, but is now back, with a foot-stomper of a single from the soon-to-be-released record, ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’. ‘Midnight City’, like all other M83 tracks, is a masterclass in making intelligent dance music. Fantastic synth hooks and ethereal vocals are off-set by the incredible jazz trumpet towards the end of the song. ‘Midnight City’ is one of those tracks that have the power to cement an artist in the public consciousness, and with any luck it’ll do just that for M83. ‘Midnight City’ is featured on the forthcoming LP, ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’, available October 17.

M83 – Midnight City

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