[Alternative] Mac DeMarco – I’ve Been Waiting For Her

Mac Demarco
I've Been Waiting For Her

Mac DeMarco’s been “Passing out Pieces,” as he would say, recently. Last week, he shared a fully instrumental compilation titled Some Other Ones, a pre-cursor to his upcoming, appropriately-titled LP Another One. Today, we get another single from the highly anticipated follow-up to Salad Days. On “I’ve Been Waiting For Her” sees Mac in prime form layering breezy guitar and nonchalantly soothing vocals. As the song closes you can hear a quirky modified guitar solos that brings to mind his early LPs. DeMarco’s sound will always have a timeless feel to it, even with its oddities, and his latest is definitely no exception.

Hit play above and let your mind wander to its happy place. Another One drops on August 7th–you can pre-order here.

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[Alternative] Mac DeMarco – Another One

Mac DeMarco
Another One

Mac DeMarco‘s got a new mini-LP on the way and, after a breezy first single in “The Way You’d Love Her,”  today we get “Another One,” the title track from the project. This time around Mac goes the dreamy pop route with vintage synths and distant vocals. It’s a simple, yet layered, hazy melody that captures Mac’s wonderfully strange essence. The visuals, which you can check out below, are equally weird seeing Mac dance and sing on a beach wearing a Michael Jackson mask and t-shirt through out. As with all of Mac DeMarco’s music, this one’s headed straight to our summer playlist. Another One drops on August 7th and can be pre-ordered here.

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[NEW] Mac DeMarco – The Way You’d Love Her

Mac DeMarco
The Way You'd Love Her

After the release of his critically-acclaimed Salad Days last year, Mac DeMarco toured pretty much non-stop spreading his infectious and delightfully strange brand of garage rock worldwide. After a brief touring hiatus in which he had a chance to spend some time in his Brooklyn studio, Mac brought us his first new tune of 2015 this morning along with the announcement of his summer tour and upcoming LP, Another One, due out on August 7th. “The Way You’d Love Her” picks up right where Salad Days left off with off-kilter, yet breezy, guitar licks accompanied by Mac’s distinct vocals. It’s a groovy and laid-back jam that arrives right in time for the summer sun. Enjoy above and check Mac’s extensive upcoming tour dates after the jump.  Continue reading

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Mac DeMarco at Great American Music Hall 7/9 [Event + Photo Review]


Mac DeMarco
Cooking Up Something Good

When the term “pop music” became commonplace in the 1950s, it was used to describe the emerging genre of rock ‘n roll that draws inspiration from blues, folk and jazz among other classic influences. Since that time its definition has grown with times and their respective fads–snowballing to encompass a variety of styles, most recently the manufactured, electronic-based sound that dominates the top 40 charts. Few contemporary artists evoke a sense of nostalgia for pop of the past as well as the Canadian-bred, Brooklyn-based Mac DeMarco

Musically, DeMarco strums an airy guitar paired with vocals just quirky enough to bring the great psych-rock leads to mind and, with an analog-only studio in Brooklyn, he likely uses some of the same recording equipment. Mac certainly has his fair share of songs related to love and heartbreak, but he also has a strong counter-cultural youthful tone as he cleverly recounts mischief. His sophomore album, Salad Days, demonstrates the maturation of a seasoned musician with more introversion without losing that light feel.

We had a chance to catch Mac DeMarco at his second consecutive sold-out show at the intimate Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and, just as we expected, he proved an incredibly engaging performer. Opening his set with the fan-favorite first tracks of his two albums, “Cooking up Something Good” and “Salad Days” respectively, Mac and his impressive ragtag band immediately drew the crowd in never looking back. DeMarco, with flowing hair under his hat and a distinctive gap between his front teeth, brings an extremely unique and kooky stage presence, which displays, just like his music, an artist in a decade of his own.

Full of fan interaction, and intermittent comedy bits, Mac DeMarco’s set includes a perfect amount variation. Even during the slowest portion, “Let My Baby Stay,” fans could be heard singing along to every word, a testament to the consistently strong music he has released thus far. Check out our photos from the show below and don’t miss a chance for a fantastic evening–you can find MacDeMarco’s upcoming dates here.

MacDeMarco-7 Continue reading

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