[Vibes] Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Manilla Killa Remix)

Blue Jeans (Manila Killa Remix)
Lana Del Rey

We feel that we’re at the point where we can start hearing remixes of this tune again. For a while, it got a little out of hand, as do a lot of a tracks that hit the blogosphere and blow up. While a lot of you will hear numerous remixes on tracks like these, we can assure you that we hear many, many more. Blogger issues aside, Lana’s sultry Americana-rich vocals are perfect remixing material.

Now that some time has passed, we actually appreciate hearing a different take on this infectious tune. And we especially love hearing something as unique and well crafted as this. Manila and DC based producer Manila Killa has created a nice blend of love trap, with big synths, military style snare hits, and carefully chosen strings. It has calls on associations of producers like Cashmere Cat, who effortless blend negative soundscape with atmospheric elements and smooth, rolling bass. It’s quite delectable.

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