[Pop] Mark Johns – Molino

Mark Johns

From Next Wave and Moving Castle to Skrillex’s OWSLA imprint, Mark Johns has covered a lot of ground since her first cover over a year ago. She’s been featured on some outstanding tracks with artists such as Alexander Lewis and Bearson previously, and now we’re finally getting the first taste of her upcoming EP, Molino. You may notice an abrupt change in tone from Mark Johns’ earlier releases, and it’s definitely intentional. She addressed this in her recent interview with Rolling Stone, where she stated:

I wrote “Molino” out of frustration more than anything. I was like, “Well, this is all taking so long, and I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m so scared. How do I feel about all of this? I’m a songwriter, I should be able to write about it.” So from that song, I kind of made that shift.

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed in an entirely new city, and this song expands on that difficult (but also exciting) change in scenery. You’re constantly meeting someone new and exploring an unfamiliar space while working on making a home for yourself. Even among all of this, this song chronicles the part of the journey that shows you can be still alone in a city full of people, but there’s always going to be the opportunity to make something great with the people you do end up meeting. Mark Johns has certainly done that, and there’s no doubt she will continue to do so. Be sure to listen to “Before You” from the Molino EP also and look out for the full project on October 28th.

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[Pop] Bearson ft. Mark Johns – Imposter

Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)

We’ve found your next favorite dynamic duo in the game. Norwegian producer Bearson teamed up with singer Mark Johns for this much anticipated original track titled “Imposter”, which is set to become a summer jam for fans across the globe. Bearson cleverly fuses melodic synths and pop elements, creating a catchy and feel-good track. Mark Johns’ raspy voice takes the tune to a whole ‘nother level by adding character and emotions to it.

Bearson and Mark Johns are a great match for what’s next to come for Next Wave Records. Grab your popcorn, because they’re set to take over the electronic dance scene in no time.

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[NEW] Mark Johns – All Day (Cover) (Prod. Sweater Beats)

Mark Johns
All Day (Prod. Sweater Beats)

After sharing the artwork last night, Moving Castle vocalist Mark Johns and Huh What & Where producer Sweater Beats let loose their epic cover of Kanye West‘s “All Day” this morning. Sweater Beats completely re-imagines the production melding his enormous, R&B-influenced sound with heavy guitar licks, which he plays himself. The vocals of Mark Johns, who is no stranger to Kanye covers, match the dynamic production beautifully as she continues to push boundaries musically. The variation through out this re-imagination are incredible ranging from hard-hitting trap to smooth soul with Sweater Beats’ guitar developing to match at every turn. Enjoy the ride above and grab a free download if you’re feeling it.

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[Compilation] Moving Castle Vol. 004

Moving Castle is back! There’s no denying the influence that this talented group has built, especially with their signature brand reaching some of the highest levels in electronic music (*cough* Skrillex *cough*). Their expansion in such a short time with four projects under their belt is inspiring to say the least, and this newest endeavor finds Moving Castle at a defining point within their rise. With each collection, there’s been an increase in the number of artists that contribute, and the scope of the overall sound they are envisioning flourishes alongside that fact.

The importance of diversification within music can never be overstated, and the inclusion of a myriad of unique upcoming producers, vocalists and beatsmiths has set up this stellar assortment to be their most ambitious project to date. From names new to the compilation series, like Treehaus, Catt Moop and Chet Porter, to founding members, Robokid, AOBeats and Manila Killa, Vol. 004 shines brightly with an all star roster, and the quality reflected throughout speaks volumes as to what Moving Castle is capable of achieving. We’ll go ahead and let the music doing the talking now, so stream the glossy and pristine new volume below. Be sure to grab your own free copy here also!

’Treehaus – Underground’
’Bamf – Aquarium’
’Dirty Chocolate Ft. Yung Bae – Summer Nights’
’Robokid – Helix’
’Vices & Jailo & BrassTracks & K.B. Starr – We Bout It’
’ELOQ & QRION – Beach 2.0’
’AObeats & Jai Wolf & Manila Killa Ft. Mark Johns – Diamonds For Breakfast’
’Dugong Jr – Ur Body’
kuura – Breathe’
’Hunt for the Breeze – Awake feat. Treehaus’
’Yung Wall Street – Chettles’
’Chet Porter – Aluko River’
’Kappa Kavi – Phantasm’
’Catt Moop – Advance’
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[Groove] Mark Johns – 5 South (Prod. Alexander Lewis) ft. Brasstracks

Mark Johns
5 South (Prod. Alexander Lewis) Ft. Brasstracks

Mark Johns is slowly gaining recognition with her sultry vocals, and the latest song she’s penned enlists the talents of Alexander Lewis and Brasstracks for a powerhouse of a Candid Music Group production team. Juggling a little deep house groove, this new song is quite the switch up from “In Paris.” It continues to showcase her range as a prime vocalist for the constantly evolving futuristic approach to music that’s gradually becoming a staple, especially in the SoundCloud community. It was rather nice of her to give US a present for her 21st birthday, and “5 South” delivers splendidly with the bright horns of the Brasstracks crew and the wavy craftsmanship of Alexander Lewis. Don’t miss out on the free download and be ready to see quite a bit more Mark Johns in the future!

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[Cover] Mark Johns – In Paris (Prod. Sable)

Mark Johns
In Paris (Prod. Sable)

Mark Johns does what she wants. And she does it well. All of her previous efforts within the Moving Castle camp have made her a commodity in this constantly shifting and growing network of URL focused collectives. Having already worked with Manila Killa, Y//2//K, and Strehlow, she’s cemented her spot as a premiere vocalist in the future bass realm. Her newest release calls on the talents of Australian native Sable, and they’ve reshaped JAY Z and Kanye West‘s Ni***s In Paris into something akin to a ballad.

The juxtaposition of the lyrics and Sable’s airy and atmospheric production are pulled together with no problem by Mark John’s ability to commandeer the original track and completely flip the script. We’ve seen it before on a flip of Gatorade by Yung Lean, and JAY Z and Kanye’s blockbuster hit get the same treatment with similar and pleasing results. There’s plenty in store for Mark Johns, and she exhibits a star quality amongst the impressive roster of producers she has supporting her. She’s not messing around with In Paris, and you won’t want to miss out what she is going to do next.

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[Seductive] Moving Castle Vol. 002

Moving Castle just dropped their newest compilation, and it is going to break the internet, even more than the last one. With their OG members on it, and some newcomers, these ninjas aren’t playing. Not sure if we could really pick a favorite out of this new compilation, but two that really stuck out were Food Diaries, and Dave Luxe’s “Give Me Tonight”. If I had to say so myself, these boys, and girl, are going to be some of the biggest acts of their style very soon.

’Hunt for the Breeze – Transmission Loop’
’AObeats x Manila Killa x Vices – Food Diaries’
’Dave Luxe – Give Me Tonight’
’WRLD – Rapids’
’Robokid x Ba
kuura – Pegasus’
’Dugong Jr – In Love’
’Jailo & Kappa Kavi – Quickie’
’Strehlow – Kyo Ft. Mark Johns’
’Stay The Night (Yung Wall Street Flip)’
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