Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 11]

As more and more talent emerges in 2014, our Sunday Night Soul playlists have gotten increasingly larger. This week’s collection features over 50 unique songs to choose from, all featuring some supremely gifted artists. Some of our favorites this evening include particularly strong entries from newbies to the series like Nick Hakim, Kyan, Esco Williams, Johnny Stimson, Eric Bellinger, Fortune, Tanika and BOY/FRIEND, while other notable selections come from such familiar names as Sango, Jeftuz, Jakwob, BANKS, Sam Smith, Slakah The Beatchild, Mikky Ekko, Danity Kane, and Alicia Keys. That previous sentence doesn’t even remotely represent the immense amount of talent we’re working with tonight, however. The best way to find out for yourself is to press play and dive right in, because you’ve got plenty of swimming to do.

’Nick Hakim – COLD’
’George Maple X Slime
Began to Say’
’Harrison – Next to You Feat. Maddee’
’Marian Hill – One Time’
’Gary Clark Jr – Blak and Blu (BIG K.R.I.T. Remix)’
’Melo B. Jones – Be With Me (Extended Version) /// Produced by T.Hemingway’
’Johnny Stimson – SO. GOOD.’
’Jenna G – Senseless – Uncut’
’Lucille Ghatti – At Your (Neck)’
’Reva DeVito – Kisses (Produced By B.Bravo)’
’Algebra Blessett – Danger Zone’
’Anne Marie – Forget My Number – Demo’
’Eric Bellinger – Road Trip’
’Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Brother Bruno’s Rework)’
’Slakah the Beatchild – Something About Her – Soul Movement vol 2’
’Danity Kane – Bye Baby’
’Alicia Keys – Power’
’Nick Hakim – THE LIGHT’
’Ed Thomas – Hurt’
’Shivum Sharma – FLICKER’
’Emily Colombier & Jessica Rotter – Stay/Animal MashUp’
’Mikky Ekko – Stay (Original Demo)’
’Esco Williams – Breaking Bones’
’Kyan – Rosetta’
’Love Mansuy – Meant It’
’Blue Daisy – Fallin’ Circles feat. Barnaby’
L.M.O. (Giant Step Mix)’
’Alpines – Oasis’
’Loe – Glass Table (Prod. By Klmeks)’
’Mizan – Anxious (Aei Remix)’
’Sam Smith – Nirvana (Harry Fraud Remix)’
’JMSN – Love & Pain (aywy. Rework)’
’Joe – Priceless (RillaForce x SevnthWonder Remix)’
’NΞHZVIL – A Ooh (I Like It)’
’Sango – Maluco
’Danity Kane – Damaged (T AARONmusic REMIX)’
’Jhene Aiko
My Mine (Jeftuz Remix)’

’OutKast – Prototype (starRo Bossa Edit)’

’TVNE. – Love & Lingerie’
’Destiny’s Child – Bills Bills Bills ( DGTO Remix )’
’Fortune x RichBeatz – Without You’
’Fortune – Purity’
’BANKS – Change (Jensen Sportag Remix)’
’R ASH – Can I Get With You’
’ΔGØLDWYN – You Remind Me Of Something’
’Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Chloe Martini Jersey Edit)’
’Jakwob – Somebody New (ft. Tiffani Juno)’
’Tanika – Finally Found It’
’BOY/FRIEND – Never Not Looking (Prod. MNTN & Mel DeBarge)’
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Active Child – Rapor EP [FULL STREAM]

After releasing his critically acclaimed debut album ‘You Are All I See’ , Pat Gross better known as Active Child catapulted himself as one of the most exciting acts of late 2011 and beyond. This October will mark another milestone for the Los Angeles native exposing his musical maturity with the release of Rapor recorded in his home studio sharing the same name. Serving as a “culmination of Grossi’s heartfelt journey around the world in support” of his latest album, the sounds contained in six-song EP accentuate his already aggressive 1980s synth-pop tendencies yet remain enthralled by his acute production and experimental layering for modern consumption.

“The house is made up almost entirely of glass, designed by the architects Buff and Hensman as their personal refuge from the chaos of LA. Inside the studio you can feel the sun pouring through the skylights and the mountains wrapping around on all sides. They named it Rapor, Ra meaning sun and Por meaning house. Sometimes i would spend weeks alone at home writing without leaving or having visitors. It was during those periods that i realized how important that space was to me creatively. I relied on that solitude.” – Active Child

Active Child’s ability to cohesively introduce new experiences with a backdrop of distinctly familiar sounds leaves us wanting to explore the very world he created. Delicate tracks like “Calling In The Name of Love” evoke nostalgia by revisiting similar sounds of the 80’s and if the Breakfast Club had a risque love scene, this would undoubtedly be its soundtrack. The EP also features impressive collaborations with vocalist Mikky Ekko and our beloved Ellie Goulding whose appearance in the track ‘Silhouette’ borders into the angelic.

Set for release on October 22nd via Vagrant Records, Rapor EP is a journey you will want to take and will soon be thanking Active Child for taking you with him. You can stream the entire EP below.

’Active Child – She Cut Me’
’Active Child – Subtle (Feat. Mikky Ekko)’
’Active Child – Feeling is Gone’
’Active Child – Silhouette (Feat. Ellie Goulding)’
’Active Child – Calling In The Name of Love’
’Active Child – Evening Ceremony’
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[Electro] Active Child – Subtle (Feat. Mikky Ekko)

Active Child
Subtle (Feat. Mikky Ekko)

“Subtle” is just about the last adjective I’d use to describe this funky new single from Active Child. Joined by gifted crooner and frequent TMN favorite, Mikky Ekko, this tune is a deep departure from the dense, forlorn soundscapes we’ve grown accustomed to from Pat Grossi on prevous singles like “Hanging On” and “She Cut Me.” Plucking synths and crashing percussion set the stage for this high-flying number, which incorporates a decidedly 80’s retro-future inspired sound. Ekko does his best Michael Jackson impression, bringing to the table a confident and punctuating delivery that serves as a sharp contrast to Grossi’s own vocal efforts. “Subtle” serves as a signal for us that his upcoming Rapor EP isn’t just business as usual for the talented young producer, making us even more exicted to see what he has in store for October 22nd.

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[Pop] Mikky Ekko – Kids

Mikky Ekko

After delivering on emotional pop ballads like “Stay” and “Pull Me Down,” Nashville native Mikky Ekko aims for a much more uplifting tone with his latest single. Produced by Benny Blanco and John Hill, “Kids” is a grand affair, with pop sensibilities that instantly bring to mind Colorado band, OneRepublic. The track revolves around the stubbornness of adolescence and how kids will jump into things without any regard for the consequences. Basically, it’s all about having pure, unadulterated fun. It’s the type of song that we could easily see catching on with the general public to help catapult Ekko towards further stardom, which means we’ll finally have a song we like on the radio. Check out the “sweet harmony” of “Kids” above and make sure to pick up the single when it finally releases on August 13th.

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[R&B] Mikky Ekko – Pull Me Down (Prod. Clams Casino) (Video)

Every chance that I get to post about rising R&B artist Mikky Ekko, I take it. This week he released the official music video for his hit, the Clams Casino-produced, Ryan Hemsworth-remixed “Pull Me Down”. Check it out above and feel free to stream it below if ya can’t get enough. Mikky is currently working on a full-length, so stay tuned.

’MIKKY EKKO – PULL ME DOWN (Prod. by Clams Casino / Mikky Ekko)’
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Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko – Stay (Erol Sabadosh Remix)

Budding 24-year-old British producer Erol Sabadosh takes on Rihanna‘s latest single “Stay” (which also happens to feature the TMN favorite & rising R&B star, Mikky Ekko). The original, which is a pretty infectious, emotional piano-pop tune on its own, gets infused with amped up beats, laser effects and an overall irresistible body-moving flavor. Fall in love below.

’Stay – Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko (Erol Sabadosh Remix)’
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[Soul] Mikky Ekko – Chained (The xx Cover)

Soulful crooner and relative newcomer Mikky Ekko stopped by Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show and covered The xx‘s subtle and somber Coexist track “Chained”. It’s still very much a tragic, heartbreaking song, but Mikky really makes it his own with this rendition, inserting runs and shifting octaves throughout. In a way, it’s almost unrecognizable, an entirely separate R&B ballad, and this is hardly a bad thing. In addition to glimpsing his creativity, we get yet another taste of his smooth, smooth vocals. We heard it on his breakout single “Pull Me Down” (produced by Clams Casino), but this cover in particular puts his voice front-and-center, and it’s beautiful.

’Mikky Ekko – Chained (The xx cover) (Live on Radio 1)’
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