[Indie/Rock] Naomi Pilgrim – It’s All Good

Naomi Pilgrim
It's All Good

Swedish/Barbadian artist Naomi Pilgrim has released the stream of her new single ‘It’s All Good’. Pilgrim turns up the melody on this song with a much quicker beat than her previous releases. She shows her vast strengths and how she is a multiple talented artist, a sophisticated singer who can also ‘talk’ clearly through her songs, a producer who can keep up with any combination of instruments/beats put before her, and one who tells a specific and telling story through her vocals. Like this new single, about time wasted on a relationship that wasn’t meant to be but having no regrets and continuing to live her life fully, something many of us need to be reminded of in our own relationships. Always a pleasure listening to this artist, she really shows us it is all good.

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[R&B Beauty] Naomi Pilgrim – House of Dreams

Naomi Pilgrim
House Of Dreams

Well, one of my favorites has done it again.
Naomi Pilgrim released her song ‘House of Dreams’ today, a track off her upcoming EP House of Dreams which is due out in late June of this year. The song is written by Pilgrim, Fredrik Okazaki, and Dante Kinnunen and talks about exactly what the title says; Pilgrim’s personal house of dreams and what they all entails. The lyrics are enchanting, telling of a wonderful world of dreams where everything is ok and how it should be in Pilgrim’s eyes. A place where she can dance free, not have any televisions, and be told she is loved by the person whom she loves. Pilgrim delivers another strong vocal performance, her intoxicating voice riveting over every word. Pilgrim builds a house of dreams with her lyrics and her songs and we can’t wait to hear her new EP this summer.

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[A Treasure] Naomi Pilgrim – Rainmakers

Naomi Pilgrim

This leading lady is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.
Naomi Pilgrim has released another song off of her debut EP called “Rainmakers”, co-written with Jan Kask. This rounds out Pilgrim’s whole self-titled EP, released earlier this week with “No Gun” and “Money.” The uniqueness of Pilgrim’s sound makes her stand out among other musicians. This beautiful song displays Pilgrim’s picturesque voice mixed perfectly with the right amount of instrumental melodies. Listen to her whole EP and mark her down as one of your new favorites.

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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 2]

Last week we launched our new series, Sunday Night Soul, and frankly, we were nearly surprised by the tremendous reception. That’s put a little pressure on us to repeat that success, and we think we’ve accomplished that here. Volume 2 is just as strong as Volume 1, if not better, with features as diverse as Tev’n‘s minimalistic “Rose Petal” to the comedic stylings of R. Kelly‘s “Italian Hero Sandwich.” Of course we’ve got many other soulful offerings from artists like Marian Hill, Bedlam, DB2, Tink, Tinashe, and many more. Now before you get a case of the Mondays, make sure to deal yourself a proper dose of relaxation as you plug in your headphones, lay back and the let the music take its course.

’Marian Hill – Lovit’
’Tink – Treat Me Like Somebody’
’Mae Oriel – Toyin’ (Prod By @soundsmithbeats)’
’Dre Green & The GTW – Neymar Night’
’Naomi Pilgrim – No Gun’
’DB2 – Unconditionally (Reimagined)’
’Drop Lamond feat Jerome Thomas – Breaking The Walls’
’Falcons – Falcon Eye (Reprise)’
’Muramasa – Tough On You’
’Bedlam – Colder’
’Tev’n – Rose Petal’
’Raleigh Ritchie – Free Fall’
’Mélat – The Prometheus Interlude Feat. QuESt’
’Tinashe – Vulnerable feat. Travi$ Scott’
’Kiah Victoria – Breathing Is Too Easy’
’R Kelly – Italian Hero Sandwich(ANGO Remix)’
’Chris Brown – Fantasy 2 Ft. Ludacris’
’Candice – Greatest Song I Ever Felt’
’Erik Hassle – “Talk About It (ASTR Remix)”‘
’Moko – Freeze’
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[Fresh] Naomi Pilgrim – No Gun

Naomi Pilgrim
No Gun

First off, she has fantastic hair. But that doesn’t even compare to her stunning voice. Swedish/Barbadian artist Naomi Pilgrim released her debut single “No Gun”, a song that has a UK garage sound mixed in with a jazzy melody. The beat of the piece is catchy, a little electric, a little grim and then a dash of blues. Pilgrim is going to be releasing her debut EP sometime this fall and we can’t wait to hear what other unique sounds she has in store.

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