[Hip-Hop] Nas – Bye Baby (Prod. Salaam Remi & Noah “40” Shebib)

Nas blessed us today with another leak from his upcoming album, Life is Good, which is set to drop July 17th. One of the first things I noticed about this track were the production credits, which feature the always legendary 40, most well known for his extensive work with Drake. Rather than the ethereal, trippy sound that 40 often creates, this cut goes more in the soulful direction.  On “Bye Baby,” Nasir discusses his past relationships and drops some knowledge and valuable advice in the realm of romance. Not a particularly dark or profound song, this is perfect for sunny summer activities.

’Bye Baby (Produced by Salaam Remi & 40)’
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Nas – Loco-Motive feat. Large Professor (Produced by No I.D.)

As soon as the beat drops you have to ask yourself if this is 1994 again? Damnit it’s not Illamtic, but the song screams 1990’s hip hop. Void of the electro vibes that’s become a main stay in today’s rap, Loco-Motive is a nostalgic track and plays intentionally so. It only make’s sense with Large Proffessor helping produce this track, the same producer who helped Nas on Illmatic. If Nas’s up coming album Life is Good stays true to this formula then expect it to be mentioned as one of best rap albums this year.

Motive feat. Large Professor (Produced by No I.D.)’
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[Hip/Hop] Tyga ft. Wale & Nas – Kings & Queens


Young upstart Tyga has matured as an emcee over the years and ‘Kings & Queens’, featuring two of hip-hop’s greatest, is living proof. With production team The Olympicks laying down a soulful beat, we get to hear Tyga’s impressive flow, while Wale and Nas provide incredible support. ‘Kings & Queens’ is a powerful track that will cement Tyga’s reputation. This song features on Tyga’s forthcoming record ‘Careless World: The Rise of The Last King’, out February 21.

Tyga ft. Wale & Nas – Kings & Queens

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[Hip/Hop] Kanye West ft. Nas – We Major (Bittersweet Symphony White Lotus Mash-up)

When a mash-up featuring ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ comes out, it’s usually predictable and does nothing interesting with The Verve’s best-known track. Not this one. An incredible contrast between Kanye West and Nas’ harsh lyrical flows in ‘We Major’ and the lovelorn strings make this one of the most powerful mash-ups around, and leaves the listener blown away by the sheer intensity of the track.

Kanye West ft. Nas – We Major (Bittersweet Symphony White Lotus Mash-up)

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[EXCLUSIVE] The Hip/Hop Alley: Collaborative Mixtape by The Music Ninja and Pigeons and Planes

Hip/Hop fans your moment has come. Pigeons and Planes and The Music Ninja is bringing you the freshest new hip/hop songs to have come out in the last couple of days, all at once. Just like Pigeons and Planes pointed out last week, there are just way too many hip/hop music blogs that post 10 new songs a day without any type of quality filter. Not everyone has the time to go through all the mp3s songs and pick the best… but lucky for you.. We do! From a long list of great songs we handed picked our 12 favorite and bundled them up in an organized downloadable .zip file.

Click here to Download Album (63mbs)

This album/Mixtape not only features original tracks from upcoming hip/hop artists like Chiddy Bang, J.Cole, B.o.B, Donnis, Theophilus London but also from already established influencial artists lie Nas, Damian Marley Talib Kweli and mash-ups of Mos Def with Desmond Dekker.


1. Big Boi – Shutterbug
2. Damian Marley & Nas – As We Enter
3. Theophilus London – Oops
4. Chiddy Bang – Hey London
5. B.o.B. ft. Playboy Tre and T.I. – Bet I Bust
6. Talib Kweli – Midnight Hour ft. Estelle
7. Marky – Rasta Monsta
8. Intuition – Buzzkill ft. Slug
9. Carlos St. John – Breathe Again
10. Donnis – Underdog
11. Mos Dub Mashup
12. J. Cole – Lights Please


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