BANKS – Someone New (New Mantra Remix)

Someone New (New Mantra Remix)

BANKS is hands down one of our favorite artists right now. Her seductive voice, confidence on stage, and intricate lyrics keep all listeners in a music-induced trance of pure bliss. Many artists have remixed her more popular hits, but not many have wandered down the path of her lesser known songs because it is always a little scarier to remix those unknowns. But New Mantra has done just that, putting a delightfully light twist on BANKS’ “Someone New.” The song is about a woman who really likes a man, but is not ready for love and asks him to be patient. New Mantra adds quiet melodies to the song–electronic beats mixed with a bit of delicate drums. The producer also adds an echoing male voice to match BANKS vocals, making it sound like a duet. A beautifully simple yet complex remix, this track will make you remember people from your past, present, and future.

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[Soul] Tamara Saul x New Mantra – Numb

Tamara Saul and New Mantra are back with another soulful record, and we are ecstatic to share it with you! Last record by these two we covered was “Fading Out”, and “Numb” doesn’t come shy of the last. New Mantra starts “Numb” out a bit dark, and when this Croatian goddess hops on the beat you’re hooked! With such amazing production value, we’re not exactly sure how we missed this gem. What we do know is “Numb” has us impatiently awaiting what’s next from her!

Tamara Saul x New Mantra
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