[Resident Artist Interview] Why PatrickReza’s Music is like a baby giraffe

Vitals (Free Download)

We were lucky to have PatrickReza fly into Denver to headline a Music Ninja party this past week and took full advantage by sitting down with him to chat a little about his music, his future and also why his music is like a baby giraffe.

TMN: On this beautiful sunny Sunday we are so excited to welcome you Patrick to the Mile High City and ecstatic that you are headlining TMN’s party.

PR: Thank you thank you.

TMN: Tell me, you have been to Denver before right? What do you like about this city?

PR: I have been here but I have never played. It is beautiful out here but the air is so thin I have been drinking water non-stop and have been peeing every like 20 minutes, flushing my system I guess.

TMN: And you are an LA native correct? Tell us some things you love most about your home.

PR: I like cities. LA is where I grew up and where I skated as a kid. The music scene is amazing, the people are amazing. All my friends are here, it’s just home it has been home forever.

TMN: Let’s go back a few years to when you were just a wee lad. Did you have musical training when you were little or did you grow up in a musical household at all?

PR: Well my parents don’t play instruments but they thought it would be good for me to start playing instruments. So at the age of four I started taking piano lessons until I was about nine, so I didn’t get into it too far and then I quit and then I started playing guitar because it was cool and it gets all the honeys, ya know, in third grade.

TMN: Haha, well of course, looking out for the ladies at a young age.

PR: Exactly. So I played that for about four and a half years. Then in high school I had to take a music class and I decided to start playing saxophone and clarinet, it is kind of nerdy but I love the sound of sax and the way it looked. I played that throughout high school. But I mean I never got into any instrument super deep. I have severe ADD I need new stuff to stimulate me all the time. My dad had a huge vinyl collection and influenced me from a young age. He went through a lot of phases he was a hippy, and discos, and then a punkrocker and he stayed true to that so I grew up listening to the Sex Pistols and the Clash Vinyls. So I grew up in a heavy music atmosphere. If you would give me sheet music right now I would not know how to read anything.

TMN: Where do you see yourself with your music in five years? (I know this can be a tough question but when you see PatrickReza down the road where do you hope your music will go?)

PR: I mean, I’m friends with a lot of people who in my book have attend success like K Drew and Mount Eden and Adventure club and if I can be anywhere near where they are in five years, have a really loyal fan base, being touring a lot and being able to help and support my friends to grow with me, that would be awesome. I mean five years is a long time, I’ve only been doing this for a year and nine months but I’d like to start my own private record label so I can give friends around me who don’t have the connections or the means to get their music out a medium to get it out.

TMN: So let’s make a shift to some fun/more personal questions here. Tell me, what are three things you carry with you when you travel for shows at all times?

PR: My electronic cigeratte, my phone and my laptop for the shows. Kind of need it.

TMN: Favorite article of clothing ever.

PR: Article or brand?

TMN: Article.

PR: I have this really cool Obey jacket that is gray leather but looks like it has a fake black hoodie underneath. But I can never wear it when I play shows because I sweat and get so hot on stage.

TMN: Ok I’m going to throw out some quick questions or phrases and I want you to day what or who comes to your mind first, ok?

Best hair and facial hair in the music industry: Skrillex
Favorite color: I like them all
Lazor: Pointer
Girl crush: My Girlfriend (stop the interview and “awwwwwww”)
Man crush: Corey Baker aka Kill Paris (me too)
Cats or Dogs: Dogs

TMN: Before we let you tear up the stage I have one final question that we like to ask every artist we interview. If your music was some type of animal, what animal would it be?

PR: A giraffe in its baby stage but 130 feet tall.

TMN: (Laughing) Nice, can you explain that a bit more?

PR: Like a giraffe in its baby stage isn’t fully developed so it’s neck isn’t as long so it would almost be completely proportional. Kind of like a dog so the legs and the neck are completely equal but it would just be humungous so it would be completely proportional but look like a really weird giraffe.

TMN: As always Patrick, we are loving having you as our Resident Artist this month and we can’t wait to see what else you have in store this year.

PR: Yeah yeah, thank you!

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[Resident Artist] PatrickReza’s Top 5 Summer Tunes

We are mixing things up a bit this month, moving the top 5 songs of our resident artist up to this week. Why you may ask? It is because Reza is coming to Colorado this weekend to play at a huge Music Ninja party and we are doing a face-to-face interview. So you will have to wait another week for that bad boy. But while you are waiting, grab these five favorite jams of Reza’s and turn them out loud because they are not songs to be messed with, enjoy.

Whoops – 12th Planet & Mayhem Feat Pennybirdrabbit
Next Order – Dog Blood
Black & White (Ft. Benny Banks) – Loadstar
Blow The Roof – Flux Pavillon
More Than You – Koven

’12th Planet & Mayhem – Whoops ft PennyBirdRabbit’
’Dog Blood – Next Order’
’Loadstar – Black & White (Ft. Benny Banks)’
’Flux Pavilion – Blow The Roof’
’More Than You by Koven’
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[TMN Resident Artist] *NEW SONG* PatrickReza – Vitals

I love when our Resident Artist for the month sends me an email saying: Hey, I’ve got a new song I want you guys to preview. That is one thing we will never say no to and, he is giving is as a free download to all of his fans.
PatrickReza is our highly skilled artist this month and my ears got to hear his song first and I have got to say, highly impressive. The song, “Vitals”, reminds me of just that. I picture a person lying on the floor and another person hovering over them, checking to see if their vital signs are working properly. Are they breathing? Is their heart beating? The song begins with a slow piano melody, intriguing us listeners to check our own vitals. Then at :55, Reza puts in his first drop. No it is not the typical huge drop but this is something I admire with Reza, he picks the right beats, electronic sounds and drops with each of his pieces. He knows what is enough and what would overwhelm the song and we love that he is dipping into making PR original works. The song continues with some electronic bliss and carries until the end where the piano fades away leaving us listeners with just our breathing and our hearts beating.

’PatrickReza – Vitals (Free Download)’
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[TMN Resident Artist for May] PatrickReza

Ahhhhh spring, loving on all that sunshine and warm weather. Or, for those of us who live in Colorado, cursing at the snow that decided to come at the beginning of our week. Regardless, snow or no snow, May has come and with it a new Resident Artist for the lovely spring month. Before I introduce him though, I want to tell a “first time I heard about this artist” story. My boss at TMN told me how he wanted to put this certain young artist on the Resident line-up this year and proceeded to tell me how he went out to California earlier last year and had written on his Facebook page that he was going to go to Disneyland by himself the next day. This artist hit up my boss, having never met him except through working together for website material, and said he would love to go with him. The next day, these two went to the happiest place on earth together. I laughed at my boss’s story, it is not every day you have an artist take time out of their busy schedule to hang at Disneyland for the afternoon.

He is not even twenty-one yet, but PatrickReza has exploded onto the electric music scene over the past two years. This Los Angeles native is renowned for his heart palpitating remixes of artists such as Kimbra, the Veronicas and Moby. All of his remixes have dominated the Hype Machine Popular Chart’s Top 5 spots and his undeniable talent for changing up others works is getting him largely noticed by some big names in the music world.
Reza recently released his first ever collaboration with one of the biggest bass killers in the industry, Bassnectar. Reza has shared the stage with 12th Planet, Crizzly, Lil Jon and a slew of other artists.

We are so excited to host Reza this month on the site and are ecstatic to show his followers and TMN fans just how much BANG this young artist carries in his music.

’PatrickReza – BANG!’
’Purity Ring – Belispeak (PatrickReza Remix) (Free Download) (Unofficial)’
’Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)’
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Tom Swoon (feat Amba Shepherd) – Not Too Late (Bassnectar & PatrickReza Remix) [FRESH]

Tom Swoon
Not Too Late (Bassnectar & PatrickReza Remix)

Extending their working relationship one step further, Bassnectar collaborates with LA producer PatrickReza for another compulsively seductive remix. The track “Not Too Late” by Tom Swoon and featuring the vocals of Amba Shepherd has fallen victim to the creative ideas of this synergistic partnership. Bringing in an array of revolving wobbles over a landscape of melodic noise, it is really the continued use of Amba’s vocals that make this track stand out.

The song can be purchased on Beatport Today via Ultra Records

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PatrickReza – BANG! [Dubstep]


With all the successful remixes, from Purity Ring, Florence and The Machine to Ellie Gouliding herself, PatrickReza has captivated the dubstep scene in the surprisingly short amount with his talent alone. Today, instead of giving us a soothing and melodic dubstep remix of an indie track, the young producer from LA is ready to provide an original piece to his now impressive repertoire. Bang! is a sonic blitzkrieg of strong uncompromising wobbles that play homage to the very roots of the earlier underground scene that was dubstep but with a renewed and modernized sound.

The evolution and growth from PatrickReza is becoming more apparent with every single release, and we couldn’t be more excited to where he is going. Head over to his soundcloud for more.

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[Dubstep] Purity Ring – Belispeak (PatrickReza Remix)

Leave it to PatrickReza to once again pick the perfect songs to remix. We see many producers squander their opportunities trying convert a subtle and delicate track into the next club banger. And this is truly where PatrickReza excels, managing the original structure and sensibility of its predecessor but elevating the track with just enough layers of rapturous wobbles and melodies. His latest victim, the gorgeous single ‘Belispeak’ off the debut album of Canadian electronica duo Purity Ring, comes engorged with a bouncy structure that is bound to make any indie lover groove. Even if this perhaps is a departure from Reza’s past releases containing much darker themes, the new remodel still offers gritty and deep baselines among brighter dancier elements. Download it for Free below.

’Purity Ring – Belispeak (PatrickReza Remix)’
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