[New] Purity Ring – Obedear

It is finally here. Purity Ring, the Canadian ghostly-synthpop duo, bring us their latest release ‘Obedear’. With sharp melodies glazed over a mystic atmosphere, this new track only increases our impatience for the release of their full-lenth album Shrines.

Shrines is scheduled for released on July 24th through 4AD and Last

Purity Ring – Obedear

’Purity Ring – Obedear’
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[Chillwave] Purity Ring – Lofticries

Purity Ring has got a hold of us – and not in a Jonas Brothers kind of a way. First, her playful single, Ungirthed came out, and stirred up a buzz. Lofticries, the b-side to that, has come out and has a very different feel to it. The track below offers a soothing downtempo feel to it. The calm, rhythmic beat, and her wavering, distorted voice will induce you in an electronic based coma.

It’s simple, well produced, and downright catchy.

Purity Ring – Lofticries

’Purity Ring – Lofticries.mp3′
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[Best Of] The Music Ninja January 2011

Editor’s Note: We want to make things more convenient for you incase you missed a post. I’ll let this least speak for itself. All we ask is that you share it with your friends! Enjoy! -Blas


1. The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Feat. Dev) (Proper Villains Remix) // [MP3]
2. Benny Benassi & Gary Go – Cinema (Skrillex Remix) // [MP3]
3. Cerebral Vortex – Fly By Night (Cyberpunkers Remix) // [MP3]
4. Porter Robinson – The Wildcat] // [Read Post]
5. Charles I – The King is Back // [MP3]
6. Derek Sabiston – Whip My Hair Here We Go (Willow Smith vs Bassnectar) // [MP3]
7. Afrojack and Bobby Burns – Bridge // [MP3]
8. Skream – Shot Yourself In The Foot Again feat. Example // [MP3]
9. The Partysquad – Ik Ga Hard (Henzel & Disco Nova Remix) // [MP3]
10. Sleigh Bells — Tell Em (Diplo Remix) // [MP3]
11. Duck Sauce vs Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers Streisand // [MP3]


1.Wiz Khalifa – On My Level (ft. Too Short) // [Stream]
2. Chris Brown — Look At Me Now feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne // [MP3]
3. Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Temptations // [MP3]
4. Hoodie Allen – Dreams Up // [MP3]


1. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues // [MP3]
2. Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures // [Stream]
3. Alexander – Million Years // [Stream]
4. Yelle – Safari Disco Club // [MP3]
5. The Rodeo Church – Miserable // [MP3]
6. Cotton Jones – Egg On A See [MP3]
7. Strfkr – Bury Us Alive // [MP3]
8. U.S. Royalty – Monte Carlo // [MP3]


1. Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle) // [MP3]
2. Christoph Andersson – Metropol // [MP3]
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (Cosmonaut Grechko version) // [MP3]
4. Suuns – Up Past the Nursery // [MP3]
5. James Blake – Wilhelms Scream // [MP3]
6. Purity Ring – Ungirthed // [MP3]
7. Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Vitalic Remix) // [MP3]
8. Tor – Aperture // [MP3]

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[Experimental] Purity Ring – Ungirthed

If you’ve ever heard any tunes by those merry music makers Gobble Gobble, then you probably would not be that surprised if you were to find out that this track from Purity Ring was brought to us by some of the same folks responsible for Gobble Gobble’s awesome/experimental/beat heavy sounds. As it turns out, this is the project of Corin from Gobble Gobble and Megan James (who may or may not have been an original member of the band). But even without knowing anything about that band, this track still holds its own all on its own. Its one of those tracks where all the music is made up of perfectly placed samples of who knows what that all work in perfect harmony with each other. Add in James’ lovely vocals and you’ve got yourself a really nice, glitchy and creative song that at its heart is way less experimental than it first may appear, thanks to it’s fantastic execution.

Purity Ring – Ungirthed


This post was written by guest writer Chris from dailybeatz.com

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