[Event Review] NVDES and RAC Rock The Independent, SF 9/19

I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club

TMN favorite NVDES opened up with an electrifying performance in support of RAC last Tuesday night. Playing in the intimate setting of The Independent in San Francisco, NVDES surprised an open-minded crowd that collectively seemed unfamiliar with their work. Frontman Josh Ocean and his long time collaborator, fondly known as Lemon Girl, rocked out with endless energy and charisma.

Attendees jammed out to tunes from NVDES’ most recent EP, La Nvdité Vol. 1. The EP was featured here on TMN and went along with an exclusive interview; check it out here. Highlights included the infectious electro-punk tracks “Dancer from New York” and “May and June”.  Ocean and Lemon Girl also graced us with tracks from their older discography, like “I Wanna Make Out at the Gay Club”. True to NVDES nature as a revolving collective, frontman Josh played a few tracks that bandmate Lemon Girl did not know. Much to his credit, Lemon Girl improvised flawlessly and put up a great performance throughout. Finally, they played some unreleased material, sharing some of their political leanings as well as their love for the Hyundai Elantra. Truly an eclectically enjoyable experience– one of the top 3 shows this Music Ninja has been to this year. Continue reading

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Wednesday Workout Playlist [Vol. 6]

With so many great festivals this summer, we want to keep feeding you the best and freshest finds to get you excited for some massive sets. In addition, we know how exhausting a single day at a festival can be, so why not conquer the night time fatigue by building up the endurance before hand? To help you all boost that stamina, we curated a playlist that will keep you guys going even longer during those exercise regimens. By the time your favorite artist’s set begins, you’ll still have as much energy as when you arrived.

’Deep End’
’Carnage ft. Young Thug and Shakka – Don’t Call Me’
’Ghostboy Feat. Claire Ridgely’
’Fade Out ft. Gavin Turek’
’Coolwater Set & RAC – The Coast ft. Jvzel’
’Hudson Mohawke – Chimes (Alexander Lewis X Y2K Flip)’
’RKCB – Elevated (Nikö Blank Remix)’
’Manila Killa – Youth ft. Satica (k?d Remix)’
’In My Head (ft. RKCB)’
’Tired of talking (ATrak & Cory Enemy Remix)’
’Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact – Break The Silence’
’Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself (Anders Young Remix)’
’MAX – Lights Down Low (Two Friends Remix)’
’manila killa – youth feat. satica (qrion remix)’
’Fabian Mazur & LUUDE – Right Now’
’rick ross & skrillex – purple lamborghini (gill chang edit)’
’Jumpa & Bad Paris Feat. Reece – Don’t Go’
’Duskus – On My Own’
’PatrickReza – Let U Fall (Feat. Aubren Elaine)’
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[Electronic] Coolwater Set & RAC – The Coast ft. Jvzel

Coolwater Set & RAC
The Coast ft. Jvzel

Coolwater Set is a project made up of Far East Movement and the Scandinavian artist, Autolaser. As if that doesn’t already sound sweet, they bring in house legend RAC to collaborate on their latest single, “The Coast.” Right now they only have two songs out and we haven’t seen new music from Coolwater Set since last year’s single “Up To No Good” so I honestly didn’t see this one coming. On “The Coast” theses artists blend their own unique styles into a sick electronic/hip-hop groove. Jvzel keeps the cool with R&B backing vocals as the rhythms and bass build together. The resulting tune possesses a diverse sound, one that almost everyone can appreciate. After tuning in, you’ll be happy to hear that a full Coolwater Set EP is on the way.

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[Chicago Giveaway] Win 4 Tickets to See RAC + Meet n’ Greet + A Merch Pack

One House (ft. SPEAK)

It’s no secret that we here at TMN have been big fans of RAC for quite some time now. With the Portugese native kicking off his Going Our Own Way tour earlier this week, we’re proud to present a very special giveaway for his fans in Chicago. As RAC and his band rolls into town, one lucky winner (and three friends who will really need to suck up to them) will get free tickets to his show at Concord Music Hall on November 13th featuring special guests Big Data, filous and Karl Kling. Not only that, but the winner gets a chance to sit in during soundcheck and meet the man himself along with all kinds of free merchandise too!

You definitely do not want to miss out on this tremendous opportunity, so here’s how to enter: fill out the form below with your first name, last name and email address and like both us and React Presents on Facebook. Participants must be 18 or older to enter. Winner will be notified in advance of the show and tickets will be available for pick up at the box office with a valid government-issued ID. If you would like to find out more info about this show or purchase tickets yourself, make sure to head over to reactpresents.com/events.


Enter to win RAC Prize Package!

  • Step 1: Enter Information below

  • Step 2: Like us on Facebook

  • Step 3: Like React Presents on Facebook

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #50

Summer is certainly the season of music and this year has been very good to us indeed. Our recent Mega Summer Playlists are testament to that, not to mention the months of amazing chill music that have brought a whole variety of unique sounds to our ears. Even though the season is winding down now, as long as we have these vibes flowing through the speakers, the feelings of summer will never fade. And that’s exactly how it should be, all year round.

If you didn’t catch our earlier preview of the new single from RAC, this is your official message that it’s one not to be missed. Everything is perfectly on song with this chilled summer anthem, from the groovy chords to the fun lyrics just made to be sung along with friends. The whole track has a free-spirited feel that you wish could last forever. And when it comes to summer anthems, Bondax has quite a few to their name this year, with ‘Giving it All’ sure to be on everybody’s shortlist. Add in the funky bouncing style of French Kiwi Juice to that equation, and you have a certified winner. We also have to pay our respects to Kaytranada this season, for his work would have been part of many a summer festivity in plenty of cities all over. He’s currently embarking on a winter tour of Australia right now, but if these next two features are any indication, he’s sure to be heating things up and getting dancefloors bumping. Whether it’s on a sweet instrumental or on the remix, he always brings the fire. Now usually when it comes to females featuring on chill tracks, we’re praising the incredible vocals they bring to the song. It’s not often we get to speak about female producing talent, but Poland’s Chloe Martini is definitely one on our radar, and damn are we excited about what she brings to this mix. We really do hope this will be a common trend in these playlists in the near future. What has been a common occurence in recent weeks though is the work of DJ AA, who’s back again with a blend of French Kiwi Juice and The Fugees, which sound like the ingredients for the perfect summer cocktail. Well it’s a damn good mix and we’d certainly drink it all day.

Actually, a cocktail would go down pretty well with this playlist. We recommend mixing one up before you hit that play button. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #50 zip

’RAC – Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)’
’Bondax – Giving It All (French Kiwi Juice Remix)’
’Kaytranada – Seeu Enni Way’
’Cyril Hahn – Perfect Form (Kaytranada Edition)’
’Brownstone – If You Love Me (Chloe Martini Remix)’
’Ready Or Not (AA ‘Lying Together’ Bootleg)
The Fugees & FKJ’
’Oisima – Everything About Her (Taku Remix)’
’stwo – Liz (Druid Cloak Remix)’
’Abigail Wyles – Mantra (Andrea Remix)’
’Rihanna + Evil Needle = Pour it Up’
’King Krule – Easy Easy (JaeGenius Remix)’
’Minnesota – Stardust Redux (Nanda Remix)’
’Sizzlebird – Make A Wish’
’Felxprod – The Wolf Feat. Thallie Ann Seenyen (TMass Remix)’
’Gero – Turn Around (feat. Kullai Timi) (Satin Jackets Remix)’
’Jason Burns – Back 2 You (Remix)’
’Chris Malinchak – So Into You’
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[TMN PREMIERE] Gentlemen Hall – Sail Into The Sun (RAC Mix)

Gentlemen Hall
Sail Into The Sun (RAC Mix)

As the calendar turned to June 1st, we knew we were going to have to start selecting some of our favorite summer tracks. Little did we know, that it would happen so quickly.

Dancy beats? Yep. Wavering vocals? You betcha. Anthemic choruses? Yes sir. While we were already enamored with the original of this tune (via Gentleman Hall), we knew fun remixes were coming down the pike. And after just four short months since it’s release, “Sail Into the Sun” has received a fresh new sound from one of our personal favorites.

Aside from having a solidified spot in our office rotation, RAC can always be counted on to serve up a fun remix. The best part about the Remixing Artist Collective though is the wide spectrum of genres he remixes, and creates through his remixes. Today we’re happy to bring you a premiere of their take on “Sail Into the Sun”. For this project, the amped-up poppy tempo of the original is dialed back a little bit creating a chill nu disco vibe. Even though the track has a different feel from the original, it still maintains it’s warm summery feel.

I had a blast working on this song. The source material is so catchy. – RAC
RAC is the band’s favorite DJ so when we reached out to Andre and he said he’d do it, we were running around the house jumping for joy. He completely nailed the remix. It’s quite euphoric. I can see it being used at chill out time after a night of partying. – Gentlemen Hall

Take a listen, and make sure this one lands in your next poolside playlist.

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Temper Trap – Need Your Love (RAC Mix)

With the release of Temper Trap’s second album (due out May 18th), we knew that a couple of things were going to happen. One, there’s going to be quite a few singles to come off the album. Two, there’s going to be a lot of remixes to come from said singles.

With that being said, here’s one of our favorites. Portland based RAC (Remix Artist Collective), has taken Temper Trap’s song, “Need Your Love,” and put his own spin on it. Some 80’s electro synth, and a slower tempo really add a unique feel on this track. If you do need a second opinion, head over to Temper Trap’s facebook page to see their praise on RAC’s work.

’Temper Trap – Need Your Love (RAC Mix)’
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