[Smooth] Refs – Pain Goes Away

Pain Goes Away

Finding new acts on SoundCloud is always exciting. Usually it means little to no information on the artist(s), but this gives us a chance to really enjoy the music for what it is: THE MUSIC. What we do know is that the NYC natives, Refs, have quietly debuted Pain Goes Away, a R&B tinged, electronic tune ideal for anything from a sunny day cruise to a twilight nightcap. Juggling the crooning of vocalist Richard Saunders along with the hazy production of Zachary Andrew, Refs have something here.

The slow swelling synths and tightened down drum work mirror the message of a constantly shifting state of mind during recovery from any type of pain, in the case primarily emotional turmoil. The balance and cohesiveness between each element in Pain Goes Away is striking and commands your attention from the start. Hitting stride on a first release is difficult, yet these two simply have grasped exactly what they wanted and have created a wonderful debut for themselves and their audience.

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