[NEW] SBTRKT – Hold The Line


How’s this for a sweet Sunday surprise? Premiered by Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC’s Radio 6 earlier today, SBTRKT has revealed the very first single of a series of vinyl 12″ records to be released prior to his next album (presumably called Transitions based off of the SoundCloud tag). Not very much detail was provided beyond that, other than the fact that all of the tracks would be instrumentals, and no timeline was provided for their release. In the meantime, we can at least enjoy his latest offering, which seems to continue the trend we heard from the UK producer in late 2013. “Hold The Line” indulges the listener in rich bass lines and moody, atmospheric synths to create a truly all encompassing experience. 2014 seems primed to be a big year for SBTRKT, and we can’t wait to hear what else has in store for us in the coming months.

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[Chill] SBTRKT – Runaway (Feat. Jessie Ware & Sampha)

r u n a w a y

SBTRKT spent a good amount of time in 2013 teasing us with some of the new sounds he was experimenting with in the studio. While that trend hasn’t quite changed yet, he has chosen to unearth some of his older material. “Runaway” is a track that he’s used in sets dating back to at least 2012, and one that he apparently used to close out his New Year’s set as well. Sparse on details, what we do know about the track is that it features vocals from the talented Jessie Ware, with Sampha echoing in the background. Although the track is barely over a minute, it’s still incredibly beautiful. Here’s hoping we get to hear a much longer version sometime in the near future. Stream the track above, and stay tuned for SBTRKT’s sophomore effort, which should be dropping soon.

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[NEW] SBTRKT – Audio/Visual Experiments


While we still don’t have many clues about SBTRKT‘s upcoming studio album, we do know Aaron Jerome has definitely been playing around with some new sounds. “Playing around” may not even be the right term here, because this is audio gold.

Earlier today, the UK producer tweeted out a link saying nothing more than “audio/ visual experiments.” This led to the self-titled video below, which similar to his last endeavor, is a visual collaboration with Lorenzo Durantini. Just as the tweet suggests, this experience isn’t quite complete if you’re not paying attention to the images on your screen. The best way I can describe the clip is that it consists of drops of inky black liquid trickling in reverse, although I know I’m definitely not doing it justice.

The track itself is one of those songs that completely consumes you. With its dark and ominous overtones, leering synths, and lurching bass, it’s nearly impossible to tear your ears (and eyes) away. At only two and a half minutes in length, it’s a shame this doesn’t endure much longer (although I admit my brain probably would’ve melted if it did). If this doesn’t send chills up your spine, you definitely aren’t listening properly.

Check out the visuals below, and stay tuned for more from SBTRKT as he prepares for the release of his sophomore effort.

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[Electronic] SBTRKT – IMO


I may have lied in my last post. This is the perfect way to cap off an excellent week of great material. Actually, I’m not even convinced that we’re done here given the amount of quality music that keeps streaming in by the hour. With SBTRKT currently working on his sophomore release, we’ve been given the opportunity to get a sneak peek of what to expect from the new project. According to the British producer, “IMO” is an unmixed/unmastered track from his recording sessions. That description seems somewhat daunting though, because if this is what his unmastered material sounds like, we have no idea what results to expect from his polished off releases. The hypnotic new single is compliment by equally stunning neon visuals which were crafted by Lorenzo Durantini. As excited as we are for this song, it does come with somber tidings, as this is dedicated to Jerome’s late brother, Daniel. Get lost in this breathtaking soundscape, and be on the lookout for

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[Remix] Drake – Girls Love Beyonce (SBTRKT Edit)

Girls Love Beyonce (SBTRKT Edit)

Since his debut album blew fans and bloggers away back in 2011, SBTRKT has been relatively quiet in terms of releasing new music. Today, the U.K.-based producer blesses the interwebs with his original take on Drake‘s “Girls Love Beyonce.” This brief rework departs refreshingly from the original with mesmerizing percussion and warped, incomprehensible vocals demonstrating the artist’s unique style and attention to musical subtleties.

This is the kind of track that will only grow on you with multiple listens as its intricacy becomes more evident and beautiful with every spin. See for yourself above and be on the look out for new music from SBTRKT.

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[Mixtape] Kilo Kish – K+

Female emcees have been on the up and coming this past year or so and in 2013 they continue to drop some unique material. With Brooklyn-based Kilo Kish‘s mixtape K+, she takes a more experimental approach to her rhyme flow. With features from Earl Sweatshirt, SBTRKT, Childish Gambino, Star Slinger, Flatbush Zombies, Vince Staples, and A$AP Ferg, and many more, this free 10-track tape is a chill, dope session introduction into her world. Mixing some intricate Internet-y vibes and synth rhythms with a charming lyrically delivery, there is something to like about this newcomer. Although each track flows and blends well into the next, some standout tracks are “Creepwave” (which you can stream below) and Neptune-esque “iou”.

Listen to the 30+ minute K+ collection here via Soundcloud.

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[Experimental] SBTRKT – Terminal

We haven’t heard too much from the innovative U.K. based producer SBTRKT since his debut self-titled album inspired awe among both fans and critics last year. Although SBTRKT is often placed in the EDM genre, his experimentation with bass and unique percussion truly separates him from his colleagues. His latest track, “Terminal,” perfectly embodies the masked artist’s style drawing the listener in with an addicting and evolving loop that warps for just a second creating a sort of anxiety for its return. Despite the low-key feel, you will find it difficult to resist a bouncy head nod induced by this original creation. Check it below!

’SBTRKT – terminal’
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